USA Road Trip Day 9

Yes! We are camping in the Grand Canyon! Last night, other than waking up with sore bones, tingling body parts and all the elk in the park calling out to each other, we honestly slept pretty good! The showers cost two dollars for eight minutes. You have to insert eight quarters into these slots and push them in. The water turns on, but it felt like I was going to an arcade or laundromat! We tried to hang out by our campsite and have a little fire, but it kept raining. Unfortunately, you can't get firewood here unless you buy it, so $6.99 plus tax and utility fees were washed out. Finally the rain stopped so we decided that we had better go see the canyons. The park has shuttle buses that run for free so we took the bus an saw the three stops that we heard a local saying were in the best route. The views were amazing! We keep saying to each other "Are we really in the Grand Canyon?!?!?". Almost everyone here is either from Europe or Asia, so it doesn't feel like we are in the USA! After a couple of hours of site seeing, we decided to get back to our site and try to hang out by the fire. I wrote a total of four postcards and then had to jump into the car for cover. Ugh...another $6.99 plus tax and utility fees to the rain! So we spent most of the afternoon in the car, watching another movie on the iPad, until we finally came back up to the general store...this place has been a great backup when we can't be outside our tent because it's raining and we cant be inside our tent because our site is flooded! But, the general store closes in one hour, 34 minutes and 17 seconds, so tonight it looks like we will be cuddling up with our two front seats! Even though it is raining and cold, we are having a great time (plus Nick bought me hand warmers!).

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  1. Way to go roughing it, girl!! Your pictures are amazing and we are enjoying your story:-) Thanks for the postcard!