USA Road Trip Day 22
Departure: Idaho Falls, ID
Arrival: Rock Springs, WY
Hours: 8
Miles: 435.7
Gallons: 18.6

We had a two hour drive to Yellowstone this morning from our hotel (I didn't want to camp with the Grizzlies), so we arrived at the park before 10am.  On the way we passed the state line into Montana, so we were able to get a photo in front of Idaho also, on the other side of the road (since it was too dark to get the photo on the way into Idaho).

Somewhere along the way Montana turned into Wyoming, but we dont know where...

Yellowstone was a LOT bigger than the Grand Canyon park. The general store was enormous and there were several other stores and restaurants and park exhibits. And, as always, the Asians outnumbered the Americans! The park was beautiful! We entered through the west entrance and drove through only a forth of the park, stopping to see many of the small hot springs and geysers.

Isn't this the most beautiful shade of blue you've ever seen?  It reminds me so much of the water in the Caribbean!

It was pretty cold outside, but the closer we got to the hot springs, the more the air warmed up.  We even started sweating and couldn't understand how some people could stand to be decked out in winter clothes, including snow pants and coats!  Look at Ironman...t-shirts, shorts and sandals, like a hot summer's day!

We went to see Old Faithful, but had just missed it shooting up the water. So, we went to have lunch and walk around and then came back an hour and a half later, just in time for the next appearance! It shot up about 200 feet in the air and all of the hundreds of tourists were going CrAzY with photos. 

We didn't see any wildlife, except for some horses, but I am happy to not have made friends with a grizzly! We drove through more of the park and exited through the south entrance. So, now we are on our way to visit Ben Temple in Colorado!!! We drove 6 more hours towards Colorado and are staying in a hotel for the last time tonight.   It seems that we have landed in Rednecksville...this place reminds us a little of Florence (sorry to our fellow Florence friends)!!!

Have you been to Yellowstone or another National Park that you loved?  Tell us about it in the comments below...we might just have to make another road trip!

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