Did you know that our skin soaks up everything we put on it, both harmful and beneficial?  Men and women will do just about anything to have a youthful appearance, but many of the lotions and creams and serums are raising our risk of cancer and disease because of their toxic, synthetic ingredients.  I've even read that many ingredients that are said to prevent wrinkles are actually increasing them.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  

Asian women have some of the most beautiful skin in all the world.  They work hard for their amazing complexions by using up to 18 products per day just on their face!!!  Since most people (including me) don’t have the time or money for that, we have another suggestion: “Less is more”…here are six easy steps, using my favorite Young Living productsfor a beautiful, radiant glow…cleanse, exfoliate, tone, restore, moisturize and refine!!!

1.  CLEANSE.  I really love the both the ART Gentle Cleanser and Orange Blosom Facial Wash, but if I had to choose one, I would go with the Orange because it smells like a smoothie if your shower.

2.  EXFOLIATE (twice per week).  The Satin Facial Scrub is amazing because it gently exfoliates, without stripping my skin, and leaves a nice, clean glow.

3.  TONE.  This is also great in the morning when you don't want to wash with soap, just add a little to a cotton round and give your face a swipe.  The ART Refreshing Toner is my favorite...or just plain old Witch Hazel!

4.  RESTORE.  This steps really makes a huge difference in my skin tone and appearance of tiny wrinkles creeping up on me.  I was slack for a while and just got back to using the ART Renewal Serum and can tell big time!  I've read that in the summer when it's so hot and humid, it can replace your regular moisturizer.

5.  MOISTURIZE.  There are several options here, but my favorite is Sheerlume because it visibly brightens my skin, without leaving me feeling greasy or causing me to break out.

6.  REFINE.  This is my favorite step to do, while I take a nice, long, hot bath and read a book.  I use the scrub mentioned above first, leave for about 10 minutes, wash it off and then slather a tiny amount of the ART Creme Mask and leave from 10 minutes to even overnight at times!

Rose Ointment.  This is a must have for dry skin, rough skin, lips, cuticles, irritated or itchy skin and so much more.  Basically, if you have skin, you need a jar of this.
Wolfberry Eye Cream.  Perfect for the delicate skin around the eyes!
Lavender Lip Balm.  This stuff if my absolute favorite.  I love how it feels and looks on my lips.  Plus, it stays on for a long time so I don't have to continuously be reapplying!

So, here I am without makeup...I took this selfie this morning after a walk with my sister!  My skin still has some issues, but has really improved since I began using this Young Living regime I shared with you (I learned from the pros at the 2014 Young Living International Convention).  My oil has decreased, acne has gone down, less blackheads, the tone and color is more even and I don't really have many wrinkles yet.  I decided long ago that I'd rather spend money on quality products for my skin, than spend all that money on makeup.  Instead of hiding my bad skin, I want to be proud of my natural face and be confident enough to leave my house without makeup anytime I need to go out.

If you have some questions, just shoot me an email.  Or if you'd like to try this amazing 6 step protocol listed above, click my link here and I'll hook you up!  Be sure to leave my enroller and sponsor id in the boxes so that I can be your go to girl and answer your millions of questions :)  Still want more info?  Click here to read more about my personal story with Young Living Essential Oils.



Although we travel a lot, we rarely get a restful, just the two of us, type vacation.  Usually we are visiting friends and family or traveling for business.  The last time we took a week-long vacation for just us was almost 6 years ago!  So, one of our goals for this year was to go on a trip together, without inviting anyone else along or visiting anyone else during our getaway.  We had a great time and know that we need to do this more often.  

Groupon had a great deal on the Sonesta Resort in Hilton Head, so we chose to go there based on my mom and sister loving the place.  We weren't disappointed, so I wanted to share a few things that I would recommend the next time you take a vacation in Hilton Head!

1.  Go shopping at the Tanger Outlets.

2.  Eat dinner at Holy Tequila, the best mexican restaurant we have ever been to!  The atmosphere was quiet and relaxing, with a live guitarist every single night.

3.  Take a walk (or run) on the beach.

4.  Eat at Poseidon.

5.  Go explore Pinckney Island...you might even catch a glimpse of a gator!

6.  Stop by Healthy Habit (as often as possible) for juices, smoothies and chopped salads.

7.  Grab a burger at CharBar.  Bonus?  Get sweet potato tots on the side.

8.  Rent a bike for the day.  We biked for 7 hours and covered 27 miles, stopping along the way to check things out and eat.  It was definitely an adventure!

9.  Stock up at Fresh Market and Whole Foods.

10.  Enjoy Tapas at Wise Guys.

11.  Drive over to Savannah for the day.  Even better...hop on a trolley to get around town, while learning history!

12.  Pick up some books and grab a coffee at Barnes and Noble for a relaxing afternoon.

13.  Grab some Italian and Trattoria Divina.

14.  Head over to Beaufort for the day.

15.  Eat breakfast at The Hilton Head Diner as many times as possible.

16.  Take lots of photos to document all the memories you're making!

Have you been to Hilton Head and got something I should add to my list?  Share with me in the comments below!



As you know, I love to travel.  Another thing you may know about me, is that I love to live simply.  However, when packing for a trip, it is easy to overpack when wondering, "what if I need this?", "what if it's hot?", "what if it' cold?", "what if we go to a fancy restaurant?" and a million other things that I imagine might happen.  I try to only pack what I really need.   And just like my clothes, I also want to keep my toiletries to a minimum.  This includes my essential oils stash.

San Francisco Airport

Ever since we fell in love with Young Living Essential Oils, my mom has said that if she had to chose two oils, it would be Peppermint and Lavender.  She swears by these two oils and says that they cover pretty much everything.  Although I'd love to take all my oils with me when I travel, I find that I have actually adopted her theory.  In my purse, I always carry Peppermint and Lavender for the day to day.  But, now when I travel, these have also become my go-to oils.

Let me share a few reasons why I love these oils:

Peppermint...ahh Peppermint.
1.  Bad breath and not near my toothbrush?  Swipe a little bit on my tongue to freshen my breath.
2.  Adding a drop to my water helps with breath and keeps me energized.
3.  Rubbing a drop behind my ears helps me wake up.
4.  Massaging a drop or two into anything sore, swollen or aching...this is great during long, uncomfortable flights.
5.  When I feel nauseated, this oil is a life saver and helps me keep it all down.
6.  Bad smells from fellow travelers?  Peppermint freshens everything up really fast.
7.  Burning up?  This oil will cool you down in seconds.
8.  Tension and pounding in my head?  Peppermint relieves pressure right away.
9.  When traveling, I usually encounter some tummy troubles.  Peppermint is my go-to.  Rub it on my belly and I'm good to go.

Lavender.  It didn't get it's nickname "Swiss Army Knife of Essential Oils" for nothing!
1.  Sometimes when I am out in the sun and using sunscreen, I get these weird bumps on my chest....Lavender always calm it down within 24 hours!
2.  Can't sleep on the plane?  I put a drop in my eye mask and sniffed my way to sweet dreams.
3.  Can't sleep in a strange bed?  I massage a drop into the bottoms of my feet and wipe a little across my pillow...problem solved!
4.  Too much sun?  Lavender is great to relieve the heat and color.
5.  It's also a good oil for any scrapes or cuts from too much adventure.
6.  Tense or stressed while out of your comfort zone?  Just swipe some Lavender on your wrists, back of neck and take a sniff...you'll feel yourself begin to relax.

Do you see what I mean?  These two oils cover everything.  These are just the ways that I used them in the last week in Hawaii...15 uses in seven days with just two oils!

But I can't stop there.  Let's do a bonus round.

Another Young Living product that every traveler could use it Rose Ointment!

My view in Oahu last week!

Rose Ointment was a life saver for me in Hawaii:
1.  Weird skin issues or breakouts?  Dab on some Rose Ointment and watch them disappear overnight.
2.  Remove eye makeup without all the pulling and tugging in that delicate area.
3.  All the salt and sun dried out my skin, so I used this balm on my nails to avoid hangnails...I also used it on my heels, toes, elbows and face for some dry patches.
4.  It was great for cuts and scrapes after surviving Mermaid Cave.
5.  The bugs loved me but I hate them.  I dabbed this stuff on the itchy spots.
6.  To my dismay, I ran out of my Lavender Lip Balm, but was excited to find out this Ointment works well on my lips too!
7.  It's even great to wipe through ends of dried out locks.

And one final item and then I promise I'm done.  I know, I know...I'm a liar, I said "two essential oils" and have tacked on two products, but I just can't resist.

My "stay awake and alert" secret

Ningxia Red.  Just call this Ninja Juice, ok?
1.  This is the highest antioxidant product on the market so, as I'm soaking up the rays, my skin is staying young.  Win win.
2.  It also really helps with energy.  After the time zones get you all out of whack and when you're exhausted but still aren't back home yet, this stuff is the bomb.
3.   And for those of us who struggle with tummy troubles when away from home, this is a go to.

So, whether you're a traveler, or a minimalist, or a busy business owner, or a mom with a million kids...these essential oils and products can really make your load lighter, while covering more.  Less but better.  I like that.

Check out 11 essential oils that you need today or get more of my personal essential oils story!

Want some of your own?  Click my personal link HERE to get yours and shoot me a message to let me know so that we can connect!  I've got an online education group for you and often have in person classes and events for those who are local!  I promise you'll fall in love with your oils, just like I did!



About a year ago, Emily at Just Because reached out to me and asked if we could go grab some coffee.  I immediately liked her because it's not often (pretty much never) that a stranger will just do that.  We hit it off and have been hanging out ever since.  

Lucky for me, she happens to have a sister, Beth at The Honey Blonde Life, who lives in Hawaii and invited us for a visit!  Of course when there is anything related to travel and crossing off a Bucket List item, I'm game.  In the short week that we were there, we did a lot...so, in case you are headed to Hawaii anytime soon, here are the things I suggest you see and do!

1.  Get a room with a view.  Beth picked us up at the airport, drove us around a bit on the way home and took us by an outdoor market and Whole Foods.  I was surprised at how much traffic there was because I always imagined Hawaii being an empty paradise.  As we drove farther and farther away from the airport, though, I found that it was more like what I expected.  And when we arrived at Beth's house and saw this view, I knew it was going to be a beautiful week in Hawaii.

2.  Visit the Byodo-In Temple.  This place was so peaceful, had enormous fish and a huge bell that you can ring.

PC: Emily Christopher

PC: Emily Christopher
3.  Drive around the Valley of the Temples.  I was surprised to find out that many religions all bury their dead in the same cemetery here...it was interesting to drive around and compare the looks of the areas.

4.  Grab a cold, fresh coconut!  We did several times.  They cut it open right in front of you, let you drink up, then cut the meat out for you to take with you!

5.  Get off the beaten path.  The most fun we had was when we were driving or walking around, with no destination, but curiosity to lead the way!

PC: Emily Christopher
6.  Hike Koko Head.  This is not for the faint of heart.  We had to use my iPhone as a flashlight until we could see and the steps were very steep.  Not only was it hard to hike because our legs were worn out, but we had to be careful to keep our balance and not stumble backwards.  There was even an area where the steps are in the air over a 20 foot drop!

But the view...we made it right in time for the sunrise!

PC:  Emily Christopher

And the way down was a piece of cake...after the hike up!

7.  Drive all along the coastline.  There are so many breathtaking views, hidden beaches and coconut stops that we came across while simply driving.

8.  Try the bubble tea.  After hiking and sight seeing and driving all over the place, we found this great beach and bubble tea.  It was delicious, but (to be honest) made us both pretty sick!  But, you should still try it...haha.

9.  Eat some seaweed salad and spicy tuna poke.  Seriously, weirdest ever, but oh so good.  We got it at the indoor market that sets up at the mall on Sunday and Wednesdays.

10.  Shop 'til you drop at the Ala Moana Center.  It is the largest outdoor mall in the world and would take days to get through it all.  

11.  Go to a Luau.  We did the Chief's Luau and had a great time, but I've heard that there are better ones out there.  The wind was freezing, though, so I suggest you dress warmer than we did.

12.  Take a walk up the Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail.

It was scary windy.  We were worn out by the time we got to the car, not because of the hike, but because of the constant fight against the wind.

13.  Demolish some Malasadas from Leonard's Bakery.  We did several times.  The coconut cream filling was the best.

14.  Take a twirl at every beach.  Something about being on an empty beach with a gorgeous view made me want to dance and laugh...such freedom!

15.  Find the angel wings in Haleiwa.  We almost didn't see these, since they are sorta hidden on the side of a shop.

16.  Visit Pearl Harbor.  This was much more serious than the rest of the sight seeing, but I was glad that we took the time to go and learn more about our country's history.  I am so thankful for all the brave men that gave their lives that day.

17.  Survive Mermaid Cave.  This place looks all beautiful and unreal, but it was actually a pretty scary experience.  It was difficult to get down there, then once we did the tide was immediately rushing in and we needed to get out.  The best memories are usually made out of something terrifying or painful...let's just say this is a great memory!  haha.

18.  Visit Iolani Palace, the only palace in the United States.  Although it's not very big, it is very well taken care of and has some beautiful old pieces of furniture and decor all around.  We had to wear some little slippers to protect the floors and carpets.

19.  Eat at Mike's Huli Chicken.  Guy Fieri visited this place in one of his episodes of Diners, Drive In's and Dives.  I recommend the garlic shrimp.

20.  Hike Diamond Head.  It was much easier than Koko Head, but much more packed with other tourists.

21.  Climb down into Cockroach Cove.  There is a sign that says not to, but do it anyway.

22.  Take a nap on the beach, any beach.  We actually snuck onto this beach in a beautiful resort!

23.  Don't forget to take your photographer with you.  Hawaii is beautiful and you'll want some great photos to prove it.

As you can see we had a great time!  Thank you Emily and Beth for including me.  I hope to come back one day with Ironman and show him around the island! 

PC: Emily Christopher

Aloha Hawaii and Mahalo!