Pretty much everyone I know is concerned with aging well, but it's hard to keep up as beauty is always changing according to media and culture.  People want what YOU have when you look healthy and happy and young.  However, did you know that many of the products you use may be harmful to your health and even causing you to age faster?

Your skin is your largest organ and quickly absorbs everything it touches.  Toxins and petrochemicals soak into the skin and can cause horrible side-effects, even cancer!  I dare you to look at the back of every product in your bathroom and under your sink and in your pantry…look up each ingredient (one by one) on EWG to see what harm you are doing to your body.  
Most people don’t realize how dangerous these chemicals can be, but the research is there!  However, many people do know the dangers and try to buy natural options, but natural doesn't always mean natural!!!  Don't trust labels...always do your own research to see for yourself if it is truly and honestly natural and safe!  Oftentimes, the FDA doesn't regulate what goes into these products, so you need to.

Although I use and love Young Living Essential Oils for all my essential oils, household cleaning products, toiletries, supplements and more, they don't carry a full makeup line!  Because of this, I had to do my research and figure out what company I trust.  Beauty Counter is now my go to for makeup!  I am not a big makeup person, so I have very few items (kinda like my capsule wardrobe...wink wink).  However, when I do use them, I don't have to be concerned that I'm harming my body.  I also love that each of their items can be searched on the EWG site!


Do you have a go to makeup brand that is completely safe and all natural?  If so, I'd love to hear...especially if you have found a great mascara that you can recommend!



Happy Oily-Versary to me!  Three years ago today, I ordered my Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit!  I immediately fell in love and knew that I wanted to help other people get these beloved oils and products too, so I excitedly jumped into the business side the next day and here we are!  This has been the best job I've ever had and it started simply by getting my hands on this amazing starter kit.  Many of you have already decided to dive in and Join The Revolution and some of you absolutely love it and have found where you Belong!  However, if you are just learning about essential oils or have been watching me for a while, but have been scared to get started, this post is for you...I'm going to give you 10 reasons why you need a Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit today!

Reason #1:  Seed to Seal
Before we really dive in, let's talk about why you should choose Young Living Essential Oils over other brands.  You can find essential oils in local health food stores and online that claim to be 100% pure.  However, you have to be very careful!  If you are interested in essential oils because you are trying to move away from using chemical-filled OTC meds on your family, you wouldn’t want to replace those with just ANY essential oils.  You would want therapeutic grade, 100% pure oils.  Many essential oils will say 100% pure, natural or organic, but since the FDA has no regulations on this, there is no way to know if the claims are true and if the labels are accurate.  These same essential oils in health food stores and online are often less expensive, but usually you are getting what you pay for.
Until three years ago, I had no idea about any of this.  I seriously thought essential oils are essential oils and always good for you and safe for use.  I have learned a lot over the past years!  So what company do I trust?  Young Living!  Young Living has their “Seed to Seal” process.  They are the only essential oils company in world to have their own farms where they plant the chosen seeds, farm them, cultivate them, harvest them and distill them, followed by testing the essential oils and sealing the bottle.  Young Living controls all of the steps from start to finish so that they are able to guarantee their essential oils are truly 100% pure (nothing added and nothing taken away) and safe to use.  Plus, I've been to the Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah six times now, seen it all in person and even been able to help plant.  Needless to say, I love and trust Young Living!

Reason #2:  Pure Power
An Essential Oil is an oil from a plant.  The natural aromatic compound (oil) will come from either the flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds or peel of the plant.  Essential oils are unique and effective.  The molecule of an essential oil is so tiny that it makes its way into every single cell in our bodies (our skin, our blood and our brain) and administers therapy at the cellular level, which is the most fundamental level of our body.  Because of this, the essential oils don’t mask symptoms, but actually work to help you live a healthier life!  We have 100 trillion cells in our bodies.  One drop of essential oil contains approximately 40 million-trillion molecules.  This means that with only one drop of essential oil, 40,000 molecules cover each cell in our body!
When in your bloodstream essential oils can increase oxygen within our cells (which helps our cells to release toxins), enhance our immune system, support the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, nervous and other body systems, aid in maintaining normal cellular regeneration.  Essential oils are high in antioxidants.  Depending on the oil, they can boost stamina and energy, help to relax, help you manage stress and anxiety, help you reduce the appearance of aging, help you improve mental clarity, promote overall health, vitality and longevity and more!

I got to help plant at the Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah!
Reason #3:  Everyday.  Everything.  Everyone.
Young Living essential oils can be used topically, internally and aromatically.  Please note that I am not suggesting to use any other essential oils since I cannot be sure that they are truly 100% pure and safe.  Inhaling the essential oils allows them to get into the bloodstream.  We breathe it in, it goes into our lungs and then our bloodstream.  The diffuser is a great way to use the essential oils aromatically.  It uses cold water (as not to disrupt the healing properties of the oil) to shoot the essential oil vapor into the air.  Also, applying the essential oils topically allows them to enter the bloodstream.  There was a study done where they massaged Lavender essential oil onto a person’s stomach to see how fast the oil is absorbed into the bloodstream.  They took blood every 5 minutes.  Lavender appeared in the blood at 5 minutes and peaked at 20 minutes.  Amazing!  The essential oils can also be used internally by adding drops of essential oil to your beverage, to your cooking and baking or to a vegetable capsule.  

I love to add a drop of peppermint into my chocolate protein smoothies for energy!
Reason #4:  Home Safe Home
If you read labels all of the time, you would be amazed at how many products have such harmful chemicals!  Since the FDA doesn't regulate companies, they are able to use pretty much any ingredient they want, even if it is proven to cause cancer and other serious issues!  You may be cleaning your home with products that are not safe for you, your children or your pets.  However, protecting and deodorizing your home can be done without using harmful chemicals.  Thieves is an essential oil blend that is highly effective against germs!  You can get all DIY and use Thieves and other amazing essential oils, like Lemon, to create your own household cleaner, antiseptic spray, wipes, hand soap, waterless hand purifier...the sky is the limit!  Wouldn’t you like a healthy home with effective products, but without the dangerous chemicals and toxins?.

Reason #5: Green Your Routine
Your skin is your largest organ and quickly absorbs everything that it comes in contact with.  Toxins and petrochemicals soak into the skin and can cause horrible side-effects, even cancer!  I dare you to look at the back of every product in your bathroom and under your sink and in your pantry…for each ingredient that you don't know, look it up on EWG to see what harm you are doing to your body.  Many people don’t realize how dangerous these chemicals can be, but the research is there!  However, many people do know the dangers and try to buy natural options, but natural doesn't always mean natural!!!  You always need to look up ingredients in your products to see for yourself if it is truly and honestly natural and safe!  The FDA doesn't regulate what goes into these products, so YOU need to.  You could start by making your own products using ingredients and essential oils that truly are natural and safe!  Think of the things that you could make!  Pinterest will be your new BFF (if it isn’t already).  Soaps, deoderants, condtioners and shampoos, massage oils, toothpastes, mouthwash, throat lozenges, bath & shower gel, beauty masks, facial moisturizers, cleansers, toner, serums, wrinkle creams, facial wash, ointments, facial scrubs, eye creams, hand & body lotions, lip balm, waterless hand purifier and more...the possibilities are endless!  You can pamper your skin and give yourself a natural, healthy-looking glow, without harmful chemicals!  

Frankincense helps keep my skin clear, diminishes scars
and discoloration and helps me avoid early signs of aging!
Reason #6:  It Makes Perfect Scents
Every time people come to my home, they walk in, take a deep breath and comment on how good it smells.  Even my Bible study group likes to meet at my house and our leader will brag about how it’s a spa-like experience, leaving everyone calm and relaxed by the time the night is over.  Most people are interested when I show them the diffuser and essential oils and comment on how they need to get some for their own home.  Think of the diffuser like being a custom candle.  You pay a lot of money for a good candle, like Yankee candles, but that candle has only one scent the entire time you burn it.  With your diffuser, you get to pick your oils and combos every single time!  So, in the morning you can start with Peppermint to get you up and energized...in the afternoon, you can switch it up and diffuse some Grapefruit to keep you from snacking...and at night, you can crank up the Lavender to get everyone relaxed and ready for bed!  With a diffuser and essential oils, YOU are the candle master!

Reason #7:  Easy Peasy
Keep some oils at home, some at the office, carry them in your purse...there’s an oil for everything that you may encounter as you go about your day!  Your baby fell down and got a booboo?  Rub some Lavender on it (this is amazing for kids who are afraid of medicine)!  Your husband has a throbbing head?  Swipe on some PanAway!  Maybe your head isn’t throbbing, but your neck tension is creeping up?  Massage in some Stress Away!  No matter who or why, you can customize the oils to fit their specific needs!  You can do SOMEthing about almost everything.  No need to feel helpless when your kids, your husband, your pet or even you have an ailment...you can respond!

Take a peak at what's in my purse!
Reason #8  Best Bang for your Buck
Back in 2013, I got started with Young Living essential oils by signing up as Wholesale Member and getting the Premium Starter Kit!  It’s got cute little samples, 11 of the most popular oils (and my favorites) and a diffuser…EVERYTHING you need to get started...no really, everything!!!  To buy all of the oils and diffuser and extra freebies individually, it sets you back roughly $300.  BUT, if you just go ahead and get it all together in the kit, it is only $160!!!!!!  Not only do you save a LOT of mula, but it’s an investment in you and your family’s health!

Reason #9  Monthly Box
We’re friends right?  And friends trust each other.  And as your friend, I’m telling you you’re going to want a monthly box.  Have you heard of Stitch Fix?  Or Wantable?  Birch Box?  Same thing.  Except Young Living's boxes are even better.  Other boxes I've signed up for ship me what they choose, but with Young Living, I am the one that gets to choose exactly what I want to receive each month.  AND, I earn rewards points back so that I can turn around and buy FREE oils and products!  Nice, right?  So, let's not get ahead of ourselves...you’ve got to get your kit, first.  After you get your kit, you’re going to go all crazy on me, start ordering left and right to fuel your obsession and you’re going to want to sign up for a monthly box because of all of the extra perks...believe me, we will talk later.  Ok?  Ok.

Reason #10:  Exclusive Education
So, after you get your kit, you’re on your own.  Just kidding.  Just kidding.  I realize that you are starting at ground 0 and will have A MILLION questions about the oils, how to use them, etc.  That’s why we have our amazing Facebook education groups!  We host giveaways, we do online and in person classes, we have daily educational posts, etc.  Believe me, as soon as you get your kit, we are going to add you to our secret oils group and you are going to be a pro in no time!  Plus if you decide you want to earn some extra cash to get your oils paid for, take your family on a vacation or even replace your full time job like I've done, we've got you covered there too!  No need to worry, as your go-to oils girls, I will be there to help you every step of the way!

So, you need a kit...am I right?!?!?!

If you’re not ready yet, that’s totally ok!  You can keep stalking me on social media and coveting my amazing bottles of goodness.  Also, feel free to email me any questions or concerns!  But, if you ARE ready to dive in and get your own kit, click my personal sign up link here.  Select Wholesale Member, leave my enroller and sponsor id (1570543) in the boxes, go through the steps to set up your account, choose your Premium Starter Kit and check out!  Now, do your happy dance and send me an email to let me know the good news...I will add you to our education group, School of Oily Goodness, and sent you some happy mail to help get you started!  I know that you are going to absolutely love the oils as much as I do.



Not gonna lie, this election was the worst.  I was completely shocked by people, both in person and on social media.  I saw such hatefulness, rude comments, total pride and bridges being burned all over the place.  Everywhere I looked, people were choosing politics over relationships.

No matter who is President, Jesus is King.  And no matter who is President, your friends and family are the people who you will continue to work with, celebrate birthdays and holidays with and spend time with in the upcoming years.  I doubt Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is going to stop by to see any of us.  So, why do I see so many people destroying relationships over these strangers?

Jesus said to love the Lord and love your neighbor.  And He doesn't mean I should love only Donald and Marianne to my right, Cindy and Richard to my left, or Amy, Russ and Ellie across the street.  Neighbors are the people in your life...your family, friends, co-wokers, etc.  

Did you love those people during the election?  Were you patient?  Kind?  Humble?  Forgiving?  Truthful?  Were you truly loving in person and on social media?

The 2016 election is just a small part of the big picture.  The President is chosen and life goes on.  But, the people in your life are still here (hopefully).

I want to recommend a few things you might consider:

1.  Stop fighting your battles behind your screen.  I'm talking about Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram or whatever social media you choose.  Stop the debates, the rants, the fighting and other ways that you are destroying relationships and hurting others.  Instead, call that person on the phone and plan a coffee date where you can sit down, look each other in the eye and talk over your differences in person.

2.  Stop trying to make everyone the same as you.  We are all unique and that's what makes us so special.  It's also what makes the world work...imagine trying to accomplish anything if every single one of us was exactly the same as every single other person on the planet.  BORING.  I love that we live in a country where we have freedom.  That means I have the freedom to think what I want and vote how I want.  And because I love that freedom, I want you to have it to so that you can think what you want and vote how you want.  I don't ever want that taken away from us.  So, give people the freedom and if you disagree, just remember that each person is unique so we will not always agree...and that's ok!  How can I say I believe in freedom, but then put someone down for how they voted?

3.  Apologize.  Seriously, if you were unloving in person or online during the election, you have probably hurt people in your life.  Call them on the phone, ask them to lunch and apologize.  Most likely, they love you and will readily forgive.  The election is not worth losing family and friends over!

I know that sometimes things are hard to hear, so imagine I'm giving you a great big bear hug right now!  I don't normally voice my opinions on politics, but this has been on my heart since election day.  It reminds me of Cinderella saying, "Have courage and be kind".  Imagine if everyone did so...I bet relationships would look so different!



Back in 2007, Ironman and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon and really enjoyed it.  Then last year, my parents decided to take our family on one over the Christmas holiday.  Although I loved going on a cruise for my honeymoon, I quickly decided that cruising is the way to go for families.  Here are 7 reasons why...

ALL INCLUSIVE - Usually when Ironman and I go on a trip, we have to book our flights, book our hotel, book a rental car (depending on the destination) and then pay for visas, food and entertainment once we arrive.  So, it makes it hard to plan and budget since we end up with more expenses that we originally thought.  The cruises are so nice because you pay one time for all your cabins, food, entertainment, etc.  Of course, it costs more for alcoholic drinks, excursions and spa treatments, but those are extra luxuries that you don't actually have to have in order to have a great time on the cruise.  Cruises are great when you are on a tight budget because you can really control your spending, while having a great vacation!

PRIVATE CABINS - When traveling with such a large family, it can be hard to make sure that everyone is comfortable.  Couples want their own private room and many people even feel better when they have a more private bathroom.  This is another reason why I love cruises.  Last year, my mom and dad had a cabin, Ironman and I had a cabin, my sister and her husband had a cabin and then our two youngest sisters had a cabin.  Everyone had plenty of space and we were all able to sleep and rest comfortably!

FOOD AND DRINKS - Meals can be another difficult part of traveling with so many people.  One person wants to get a great salad, but another hates vegetables.  That's ok!  On cruises, everyone can eat whatever they want every meal since there are so many options between room service, buffets, restaurants, pool side bars and more!

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT - Entertainment can be pretty expensive these days.  For example, if my parents took all of us to see a movie, it would easily be over $100 and that's without snacks and drinks.  I love how the cruise has live shows by the pool each day and broadway shows at the theatre at night.  It's no extra charge and most are shows that the whole family can enjoy.

Here are a few things that cost extra, but may be what you'd enjoy...

SHOPPING - Although the prices were too high for me onboard, it was fun to walk around with my mom and sisters and look in the clothing and jewelry shops!

EXCURSIONS - In each port, you can get off the ship and walk around for free, but many people like to sign up for onshore excursions for site seeing and adventure sports!

SPA - The cruise itself is super relaxing and I was content with a book by the pool, but if you want to get a massage or facial, the spa is a great option!

Has your family taken a cruise together?  If so, what was your favorite part?



I hear so many people talk about how insurance and health care has become more than they can afford, so I wanted to share what we have found and love!  Christian Healthcare Ministries...have you heard of it?  It's a non-profit healthcare sharing ministry for Christians.

There are three levels that you can choose when joining so that you are sure to get what works best for your family and budget.  My family chose the Gold Level with Brother's Keeper and this is what I recommend to everyone.  We pay $150 per person per month and $40 per year.  With this, everything is covered once we have met the $500 that we are personally responsible for (like a deductible).  That means that for only $300 a month, Ironman and I have the best coverage that we have ever had before.

You can still choose any healthcare provider, which I know is very important to many people.  No one is turned away due to medical conditions and it has a great maternity program.  Also, it is eligible under the Affordable Care Act.

Lastly, they have a refer-a-friend program that I love.  If you refer a friend and they sign up using your sponsor number, you get a FREE month!  This can be such a blessing to you during tight months, at the same time as helping your friends and family get truly affordable healthcare!  If you are interested in learning more or signing up, please click HERE.  This is my parent's sponsor link and will help them get a free month.  In case you need it during the sign up process, their sponsor number is 147556 and it's under my dad's name, Joseph Jackson.  Use this link to get coverage you can afford and to help support my parents ministry, Children's Burn Care.



Many people seem to believe that just being thin makes a person healthy, but that's simply not true!  Whole body health has so many aspects that work together to make someone truly well and balanced.

RELATIONSHIPS - Friends and family...we need them both.  Relationships are hard work, but so important for our health and happiness.  As human beings, we need people to care for and learn from.  It keeps us from becoming selfish and self-centered and it gives our daily lives more meaning.  In an age of social media and trying to gain more and more followers, it is easy to believe that more is better.  But, if we spread ourselves too thin, it's almost impossible to be a good friend.  So, spend time with your family and then make time for building true and lasting friendships.  Good friends are hard to find, but well worth it!

Me and my sisters!

FITNESS - I am that girl that hates to exercise, but I am trying to teach myself to love it...not because of the actual work out, but because of how it effects the rest of my life.  When I am consistently working out I notice that I have a more positive attitude, I sleep better at night, I have better skin, I have more energy to live a more active lifestyle, I am stronger and I feel better about how I look.  Since I got married in 2007, I have steadily gained a little weight here and there until now I am 30 pounds heavier than my wedding day!  Although it might be ok to stay the same size that I am today, I know that if I don't do something about this, I will continue to steadily gain weight in years to come.  I go to the gym to do cardio and weight machines and a few classes, but my favorite has always been to meet a friend at the rail trail to walk while we talk!  However, if you can't afford the gym and you don't like this walk, I recommend the 30 Day Bodyweight Challenge with Betty Rocker...it's only 15 minutes a day and it's free.  I have already completed it and could tell a huge difference within the first few days!

WORK - Not gonna lie, I have had some jobs that I hated.  Some were physically hard.  Some mentally hard.  Some emotionally.  In some way or another, they were hard.  I remember waking up many days (for years), not wanting to get out of bed because I didn't want to face the day.  Although, I love my job now, it took years and years, and lots of jobs I didn't like, to find the job that was right for me.  This is such an important part of a persons health.  Think about it...you wake up and get ready to go to work. Then, you come home, get ready to go to sleep.   Then you start it all over again.  You live for the weekends.  You dread Sunday nights.  It's a vicious cycle.  Does this describe you?  Maybe you aren't in the right career.  I highly recommend you read DO OVER by Jon Acuff.  I've heard Jon speak, read his books and changed so many parts of my life due to his positive influence!

Me and some ladies from my Young Living Essential Oils team!

REST - Since I grew up overseas, I knew and loved the slower lifestyle.  I heard once that the America was run by the clock, but Bolivia was run by relationships.  Everyone is late, all the time.  Due dates and shop hours are just suggestions.  Daily siestas are pretty much mandatory.  True, it sucks when you are in a hurry to get somewhere or do something, but it's so much better for individuals.  Expectations are less and everything just slows down.  After all, tomorrow is another day and that's when it will get done.  I know that Americans are missing out where rest is concerned.  Everyone is too busy working to use their vacation time.  There are too many emails to answer to take your lunch break.  You can't get to the gym because you are going in early and staying late.  But, when does it stop?  Everyone needs down time each day...and I don't mean just time to sleep, but time to calm down and be quiet and still.  And everyone needs off days...weekends and vacations.  Don't believe me, google it :)

HOBBIES - In addition to rest, hobbies are so important!  I love traveling and seeing new places, natural health, bike rides, walks, reading, spending time with Ironman and my friends and so much more.  I'm trying to learn to love exercise and cooking more.  Each day, I spend a little time on at least one of my hobbies!  I think it's important to have things to look forward to.  It improves my outlook on life and keeps me from wasting time doing nothing.  It is not good for people to just sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat, work, etc.  People need hobbies, no matter what age.  If you don't have one.  Think of something that you loved doing in the past and consider picking it back up.  Did you used to love Yoga?  Go once a week to a yoga class at the gym!  It doesn't take much to have a positive impact on your health.

My favorite place...in the airport headed somewhere!

MONEY - This is a hard one.  I want a nice, finished home.  I want an SUV.  I want a great wardrobe.  I want monthly massages and facials.  I want to travel the world indefinitely.  I want.  I want.  I want. But, I don't need.  It is so important be aware of my priorities and my budget.  When Ironman and I got married, we decided to never have debt so we took the Dave Ramsey course and paid off student loans as fast as possible.  We lived a few years debt free, but are back into debt because of now owning a home and having a mortgage.  Although, I feel like a mortgage is very different, we do look forward to the day that our home is paid off too!  Our rule is that if we don't have the money for it, we don't buy it.  Yea, it sucks sometimes when I just want to go on the world's biggest shopping spree.  But, in the end, it helps us live healthier lives because we don't have all the weight on our shoulders that debt brings.  I believe that everyone should live within their means, even when it means sacrifice and putting needs before wants.  Remember that the "American Dream" is really just the "American Burden" if you are up to your eye balls in debt.  Don't let the media fool you.  And be generous...help those in need!  You'd be surprised how good it makes you feel to give!

NUTRITION - I see so many commercials where you take this supplement or eat this meal plan, blah blah blah, and drop weight.  Maybe it will help short term, but most people end up gaining the weight back because it's not sustainable.  I've also heard it said that an ideal body comes from 20% exercise and 80% nutrition.  So, you could be exercising all the time and still not a healthy size because of what you are eating.  I know that people have so many different opinions on nutrition, but Ironman and I believe that the healthiest option is a plant-based, whole-foods diet.  You should take time to watch Forks Over Knives and Fat Sick and Nearly Dead...we watched them free on Netflix years ago!  Also, don't forget that getting enough water and avoiding sugar can have a huge effect on your health!  Check out this post that Ironman wrote years ago about diets.

My favorite salad at Schlotskys!

GREEN - Our skin is our largest organ.  Everything that you rub or spray on is in your blood stream within 26 seconds.  So, think about the toxins you unknowingly putting into you and your family.  Your toiletries, your food, your cleaning supplies...your kids bath bubbles and vitamins.  It is so scary!  I dare you to take each product around your house and look up the ingredients on the EWG...this site breaks it all down, tells you what's in your products, whether they are cancer causing and more!  You will want to throw out what you are currently using and replace it with better options.  I mean, what's the point of doing great with exercise and nutrition if you are going to use hair spray that is slowly killing you?  That's one reason why I love Young Living Essential Oils.  I buy all my essential oils, cleaning supplies, toiletries, supplements and more from this one company that I know, love and trust.  I feel so much better about what I am putting in and on my body.  Plus, I love Ironman and want to make sure that he is using products that are safe!  Since this is my full time job, I also love that I get to help others make better choices too!

FAITH - And lastly, I believe that faith is part of our health and wellness because we need to be mentally, physically, emotional and spiritually balanced to live truly healthy lives.  God created each one of us, loves us unconditionally and wants us to know Him, love Him and enjoy Him forever.  We need purpose to be truly happy and whole.

BALANCE - The thing is, it's not a one size fits all.  For example, I can't eat terrible, never exercise and then expect the Young Living essential oils weight loss trio to help me lose weight.  And I can't drink espresso at 8pm and expect my Young Living supplements to relax me.  I can't have terrible relationships and spend money (that I don't have) like crazy and expect to feel calm and at peace.  And I can't have a job I hate and truly enjoy times of rest.  It's all a balance.  Healthy relationships, regular exercise, a job I enjoy, down time, hobbies I look forward to, spending money wisely, good nutrition, safe products, and faith are some of the things that I believe create whole health.  It's not one thing, but many things in a delicate balance.

Am I missing something?  Is there another item that you believe is essential to whole health?  I'd love to hear in the comments below!



Did you know that the Capsule Wardrobe doesn't only apply to your clothes, but also to your work out clothes, sleepwear, make up, accessories, shoes and more!  Basically, this idea can apply to anything that you want fewer, higher quality items so that you always look and feel your best.  Usually these are counted as "extras", but I still think it's important to continue with the capsule wardrobe idea in every area of your closet.

So today, I want to share what items are in my fitness capsule wardrobe!

I basically have 5 of each of my basics.  5 bottoms, 5 tops and 5 bras, underwear and socks...

4 pairs of knee length to 3/4 length pants
1 pair of shorts
5 tank tops
5 sports bras

 The pants and tanks are my go-to.  I got the shorts because I thought that they were cute, but really don't like wearing them as much when I exercise.  So, lesson learned, I'll stick to pants for future purchases!

Once the weather cools off, I begin to add my long-sleeved shirts to stay warm.

2 long sleeved shirts 
These LulaRoe leggings were both free and I tried to wear them as my regular clothes but feel like the patterns are too "loud" for me.  A friend mentioned that she loved working out in them because they are so comfy (which is true), so I am going to use them this winter for work out pants!

2 pair ankle length LulaRoe leggings
I love walking outside, so when the weather gets below 50, I usually add more layers on top of the long-sleeved shirts.  I have this warm pink vest and this zip up jacket.  Plus, I always add a scarf and am sure to cover my ears!

And once it's below freezing, I add my NorthFace winter coat on top of these items!  I really do layer up well so that I can enjoy my walks, even in the cold weather.

It's so important to have a good pair of shoes.  If you want to get cheaper work out clothes, that's totally fine.  But, I recommend spending the bulk of your budget on quality shoes...take care of your feet!

When shopping for my work out clothes, I have found things at places like TJMaxx and Target, but notice that when I buy cheaper items, they don't hold up well.  Each time I just break down and spend more money to get quality items like Under Armor or Nike, my work out clothes end up lasting much longer.  I bought a pair of Nike work out pants in 2008 that still are practically like new...but last year I bought some Champion work out pants from Target that already look pretty sad.  So, buying higher quality ends up saving me money in the long run!

One thing I've recently done is sign up for Wantable.  I decided that since I am working out diligently and don't want to treat myself to junk food, I would treat myself to cute work out clothes.  So, each month, I get a box from Wantable!  I love that I can try on the items at home, keep what I want and send back what I don't want.  Plus, it's so convenient to have someone else choose the items for me because I get things I wouldn't have chosen for myself, but really end up loving!  If you want to try it out, just sign up HERE.

Do you apply your capsule wardrobe to your work out clothes?  Am I the only one?  Let me know in the comments below!  And if you have a brand that you love, please share...I'd love to try out some new items as the weather is cooling off!



Pretty much every girl wants to feel beautiful.  However, there are so many toxic chemicals that are dangerous to our health that can actually be found in most of our beauty products!  Many of us want to choose safe options, but are afraid that they are out of our budget.  

I want to give you 10 TIPS to Being a Natural Beauty using only Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint and Orange Young Living Essential Oils...along with a carrier oil like extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.  Being naturally beautiful doesn't need to break the bank!

***Please note I only recommend using Young Living Essential Oils since they are 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and are the only company with the Seed to Seal Promise.  Plus, I've personally been to their gorgeous farms, helped with planting and seen their integrity first hand!

Tip # 1 - Fresh Breath

-add a drop of Peppermint to your water bottle (glass or stainless steel water bottle only)…this will not only freshen your breath each time you re-hydrate, but it will also give you energy!

Tip # 2 - White Teeth

-add a drop of Orange to your toothbrush and brush daily!

My smile after 30 days of using Orange!
Tip # 3 - Long Eyelashes

-add a drop of Lavender to your new tube of mascara and apply daily!

Tip # 4 - Beautiful Hair

-add 20 drops of Lavender to a 1 oz glass spray bottle and fill to top with distilled water…shake up mixture, then spray in wet hair and style as usual
-put a drop of carrier oil (like coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil) in hands, rub together and smooth over split ends

Tip # 5 - Clear Skin

-use Lavender (in the morning) and Lemon (at night) to spot treat blemishes, diminish scars and discoloration and to prevent early signs of aging...you can add them to the carrier oil of your choice for added hydration!

Me with no make up and no filter!
Tip # 6 - Healthy Nails

-massage Lavender into nails daily...use with a carrier oil if you need added moisture!

Tip # 7 - Positive Attitude

-apply Orange behind ears and on wrists throughout the day...bonus, everyone will be complimenting you on how good you smell and wanting to know where you bought your perfume!

After the hurricane, with a lot of work ahead of us!
Tip # 8 - Increased Energy

-apply a drop of Peppermint behind ears when feeling sluggish
-add a drop of Peppermint to your water bottle (glass or stainless steel water bottle only)…this will not only freshen your breath each time you re-hydrate, but it will also give you energy!

Tip # 9 - Beauty Rest

-massage lemon into soles of feet as you prepare for sleep
-put a drop Lavender in hands, rub together and gently “wipe” across pillow before laying down

Tip # 10 - Calm and Collected

-apply Lavender to wrists and the back of neck 
-put a drop of Lemon in hands, rub together, hold over nose and take a few deep breaths

See what I mean?  Beauty doesn't have to break the bank...these four essential oils take care of so many things!  Plus, by choosing natural ingredients, you are giving your body a break from all the toxins.

Now you want some oils, right?  Great!  We'll hook you up...head over to our Essential Oils page!  If you have any questions or just want to talk more, shoot me an email!



So...I didn't post yesterday.  Did you notice?  It may not have been a big deal to you, but I felt like I was failing in some way.  Ever since June of this year, I committed to posting a new post 3 times a week (usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday).  However, yesterday I didn't get one out, even thought it was Wednesday.

2011 in Jones Gap!

Why, you ask?  Well...I was leaving early Tuesday morning to go out of town with my mom and sister to do some Christmas shopping in Charlotte.  On Monday, I got my post out like normal.  Then for the rest of the day, I struggled with the internal debate of whether I should go ahead and write another post to have it ready to automatically go out on Wednesday.

But, I didn't!

My mom packed this adorable basket for our road trip!

Mornings are my best time for writing as my thoughts are fresh and I am able to easily get them out.  However, the later in the day it gets, the harder it is to blog.  So, by the time I got one post written on Monday, I didn't have it in me to do another.  Then, Tuesday and Wednesday, I was with my mom and sister having some girl time!

My mom, sister and I at the Charlotte mall...we shopped till we dropped.
And by dropped, I mean had cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory!

Because I have been dying to hike the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike since I was in college (and research about it pretty often), a thought came to mind...

I needed a ZERO DAY.

Have you heard of that?  It's when hikers take a day off and don't hike.  They rest and give themselves some down time so that they are able to come back fresh and ready for more.  Although I am not hiking, I realized that I needed a zero day as a blogger.  Once I realized that I felt guilty for not posting, I knew that it was time to take a day off.  No one is forcing me to blog...I do it because I love it and I want to keep it that way.  So, every now and then, I need a zero day.

The Charlotte mall was already decorated for Christmas!!!

When is the last time you took a zero day?  I'm not encouraging irresponsibility.  I mean, feed your kids, brush your teeth, etc.  But, there are some things in your life that you could use a break from and that's ok!  It doesn't mean that they are bad things...even good things need balance!  Hikers have a zero miles day.  I gave myself a no new blog post day.  What is something that would benefit you and your sanity to not do for one day?