USA Road Trip Day 2

Departure: Roswell, GA
Arrival: Cypress, TX
Hours: 14
Miles: 867.6
Gallons: 34.4

After a wonderful night at my aunt Vicki's, it was already time to head out to our next destination: Texas! We had an easy ride through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and most of Texas, but the stress rose about 200 percent as we hit Houston! We followed our map that took us on the EZTAG only route and were seen by hundreds of cameras before we figured out how to get off. So, we should have a nice ticket in the mail when we arrive home...ugh! Other than that, we made it safe and sound to Jeff and Holly's house (they are basically my second set of parents). If you remember my two past road trips to Texas, you will be surprised at how "boring" this arrival was. My first one with Jennifer took us 16 1/2 hours, hiding in our car in the neighborhood, running through random backyards, jumping over fences, hiding on strangers porches and ultimately me twisting my ankle and Jen wetting her pants...needless to say, Jeff and Holly were surprised to see us when we rang the doorbell! The second road trip was me and Jen and we threw Lindsay, her sister, into the backseat. Jeff and Holly were surprised again and this time we remembered which house was theirs! So, this is the first time I have visited the Hoffart's when they were expecting me! It was so good to see Jeff and Holly and they are already spoiling us, turning down our bed and putting chocolates on the pillows!

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