USA Road Trip Day 14

This morning Nick woke up feeling like he had the flu, but Herbie and Wynne were convinced it was allergies. We gave him some Claritin and left him on the couch while we went to church. During church, a missionary got up to speak and guess where he was from???...Cochabamba, Bolivia (the same place I grew up!). I went to speak with him after the service and found out that he goes to our church, CIC, in Bolivia, and his kids went to the school that I graduated from, Carachipampa...also, we knew all of the same people! Their names are Nate and Francis Ross, in case you live in Bolivia and are dying to know who I am talking about. I still can't believe that I am in California and met someone from my hometown in South America!!! Small world!!! When we got back from church Nick was feeling better which was proof that I was allergies and not the flu...Thank goodness! We hung out, watched Indiana Jones and ate leftovers for lunch. Then the boys did an oil change on our car while the girls went and had pedicures! We all went out to see The Avengers before saying goodnight for the last time, since tomorrow morning we leave for San Francisco!

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