USA Road Trip Day 13

I think that today is the midway point of our road trip! It was a perfect day as we went sailing with Herbie and Wynne. We sailed from their marina to Ventura Harbor to walk around the little shops and have a late afternoon lunch. I was pretty freaked out to go sailing because the ocean scares me! It is pretty much a miracle if I go past my ankles into the water. Herbie and Wynne both said that the ocean was nice and calm today, but I felt like we were being tossed all over the place! I was so happy when we made it to dry land! Nick and I actually felt a little queasy after we ate and sailed back to their marina, so we ended up going below to lay down. I was so glad the I didn't chicken out because we had a great time with our family...they are great hosts and we are really enjoying our time with them!

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