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I am SO proud of Nick!!!
When I met Nick in 2005, he was cRaZy about health. He was on something called The Hallelujah (gosh, I can't even spell that without spell check) Diet where he was basically a vegan and drank juiced carrots all of the time. He was a baseball player too. So, he was pretty much the epitome (couldn't spell that one either...sad) of health! I pretty much lived on vending machine Frosted Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts.  True story. Not proud.

Fast forward 10 years and he is still the same. LOVES health and wellness. Reads about it in his spare time. Watches documentaries on it. Eats based on what is good FOR him (while I enjoy eating just what TASTES good, if you know what I mean). He hasn't gained weight or aged much, except for losing some hair, so there must be something to this "health thing" right?!?!!?

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. He somehow ends up talking to people about health stuff, food, exercise, supplements, protein powder, what foods cause acidity in your body, other crazy things that no one knows, you name it. People naturally come to him for advice. Even last night, he met a new person at our small group and (of course) ended up talking about what he juiced (and made me drink) earlier yesterday afternoon.

All this to say, Nick and I have a FaceBook Like page and Instagram Account. He is going to be sharing about all things health related that he enjoys...nutrition, exercise, juicing, supplements, getting outdoors and who knows what else?!??!!?!?

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