USA Road Trip Day 19

This morning we woke up in the Redwoods!! After breakfast, we hiked down the Cathedral Trail, which took about 2 hours. We only saw one couple while walking so Nick decided it was safe to drop his pants and use the bathroom on the trail. As soon as he did this, another couple of hikers appeared. Nick got a panicked look on his face and pulled up his pants as soon as I yelled to him that we had company! I couldn't stop laughing and as we passed this young couple, the guy said to Nick, "bad timing...!", and Nick answered, "yea"...Needless to say, it was hilarious! Other than that, the hike was gorgeous and we couldn't believe how enormous the trees were! This camping is so much different than the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon was much more touristy and commercialized. Both places, though, make you pay for everything, including showers and firewood! Nick says that he likes the Redwoods better because it is more deserted and secluded. After our hike, we spent the rest of the afternoon by the fire, reading and talking! We are really having a wonderful time together! I saw my first chipmunk, his said his name is Alvin...just kidding. But seriously, I guess I was sitting so still that he didn't know I was there. He crawled into our camp and started running towards my feet. I flipped out and jumped up, which scared the little guy so he ran away to hide.

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