USA Road Trip Day 18

Departure: Fortuna, CA
Arrival: Redwood National Forest
Hours: 2
Miles: 78.3
Gallons: 9

We left the hotel and drove to the Redwood National Forest. After setting up camp, we hung out by the fire for the rest of the afternoon! The most exciting thing that happened today was I melted my shoes. Nick was pretty upset since we only bought them this year before our Faroe Islands trip, but it turned out to be a good thing because they molded to my feet and are now much more comfortable! I told Nick that I might go ahead and melt all of my shoes. Also, the little check in area at the park has books that people read and leave, so I picked out a book to read by our campfire! It is beautiful here...probably the best place we have camped. Our site is a little one hidden off of the trail loop and we are right beside a little creek. It is going to be a treat to sleep with the running water in the background!

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