USA Road Trip Day 17

Departure: Cupertino, CA
Arrival: Fortuna, CA
Hours: 7 1/2
Miles: 360.6
Gallons: 9.8

It is illegal to text and drive in California! Come on USA...why isn't it illegal in the entire country! Also, the crime rate is really low where we were staying at Bob's house. He left all of his doors unlocked 24/7. At first I was freaked out that someone would come in and kill us in our sleep, but it was nice because we could come and go as we pleased without a house key or alarm to worry about. All of his doors and windows had screens, so he would leave them open and the whole house had a constant fresh, cool breeze. With the ultra comfy bed and the perfect weather, we both slept better than we have since we left home! Ok, now I want you to do something...if you have a MacBook, iPad, iPhone, iPod, or iTouch, I want you to go into your contacts and select the Apple Inc. See the address:
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino CA 95014
United States
We went there! It was only a few minutes from Bob's house, so we browsed through the store and drove through the campus (which was packed with skinny nerds). It is weird because when we first got a MacBook, I saw that Apple Inc. contact and thought, "where the heck is that?". We drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and past San Quentin, where we met up with Johnny Cash...just kidding, but we did see the prison! Bob said that he has a couple high school friends that have been on death row there for over 20 years! Ever since hitting San Francisco I have been amazed at how many hippies, homeless and hitch hikers are here. They are everywhere and seem to have their own little groups or families that they travel with. I always see homeless when traveling to other countries, but I had no idea that the USA was like this! These people look rough! We drove through farm lands with all of the fruit that we buy in SC, wound through the wine lands full of wine tasting stops and even through a tsunami hazard zone! Redwood trees have started to appear here and there (mostly on the Avenue of the Giants) and some of them are enormous...bigger than any tree I have ever seen. We drove a couple hours out of San Francisco to the town of Ukiah, where we planned to stay, but the town was such trash we decided against it. So we thought that we would drive to Eureka, which was only a couple more hours. We chose this place because of a TV Show that we like called Eureka. It is basically this intelligent science town full of geeks. We assumed this Eureka was the TV show one...let me assure you it is not!!! It was an even sketchier town then Ukiah and we didn't even get out of the car before turning back around on the highway for a safer and cleaner place to stay. So now we are in Fortuna. We are 17 days into our road trip and this is only our 2nd night in a hotel...it pays to know people!!! Tomorrow we will drive the rest of the way to the Redwood National Forest and camp there for two nights! The closer we get to the Redwoods, the foggier and gloomier the weather gets...please pray that it doesn't rain while we are camping!!!

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