Staying up all night, eating whatever you want and laying around doing nothing are all part of vacation.  It starts off feeling like total freedom, but then you quickly end up sick and tired.  Traveling isn’t fun when you don’t feel your best.  That’s why self-care, even when you’re not at home, is so important.  Here are six areas that I think really make or break a trip:

1. SLEEP.  You need enough sleep if you are doing the driving on a road trip, but also if you want to simply stay well and have fun!  Try to stick to the same times that you go to bed and wake up at home.

2. EAT.  It’s tempting to go crazy because you’re on vacation, but it’s important that you eat foods that make you feel your best!  It sucks to have an upset stomach or be insanely bloated while you’re trying to walk around a new place.

3. MOVE.  Driving or flying to get to your destination can wreck havoc on your body.  Each time we stop at a rest area, I feel like 93-years-old trying to peel myself out of the car.  And after a flight, I feel all cramped up.  Take time to stretch it out, go for a walk or hit the hotel gym!

4. SCHEDULE.  Just because we can drive 13 hours in one day doesn’t mean you should.  And just because you have time to do five things while site-seeing, doesn’t mean you should.  Take into consideration how you feel now and how you’ll feel later.  It’s not always worth it to do and see it all.

5. THINK.  Don’t turn your mind off.  Use this time away from work to read new books, listen to interesting podcasts, have deep conversations with your friends and family traveling with you.  I love when I come home from a trip feeling inspired and ready to take on the world!

6. REST.  Not to be confused with sleep.  Put away all technology, take a bath, watch the sunset, take a hike, read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee while rocking on a porch, walk on the beach, etc.  Whatever it is, take time to enjoy the quiet.  

What is one self-care practice that you always stick to while traveling?