Ironman and I just got back from camping at Lake Hartwell and, as always, we loved it.  Sure, the weather was cold and ended up raining the morning we were leaving, but we always enjoy camping.  Not only is it so good to get out of town and away from our everyday life, but to unplug from the world and spend more quality time one on one.  I truly recommend it!  Aren't convinced yet?  Here are the 5 reasons why I say you should go camping ASAP:

CHEAP.  We often can't afford a hotel, but a tent site can be as cheap as $14 per night!  Once you've invested in your camping gear, you'll have it for years.  We did that back in 2011 and haven't had to buy anything else so far.  So, a weekend camp trip may cost $30 for your site, money for food (which you would have eaten at home anyway) and gas to get you there.  That's a pretty inexpensive getaway!

QUIET.  You won't have plugs, so even if you stay on your cell phone a lot the first day, it will quickly die.  Then, you're just left with the quiet breeze, sound of the birds and the crackling fire.  It feels so good to hear nothing.  I often feel like I can finally hear myself think.  Settle into a comfy camp chair and bring a good book or climb into your ENO and take a nap.  It's so wonderful to have options taken away from you so you are forced to truly rest!

RELATIONSHIPS.  There's nothing out there to distract you, so you end up having some really good conversations.  It's so good to get away from your normal life and be able to think more clearly about the present and future.  Each time Ironman and I camp, we talk through a lot of bigger issues that just seem like too much to handle at home.  We always come home renewed because of it.  More than likely, you'll also make new friends with your neighbors at the campground or you can even invite friends to join you!

TRAVEL.  Each time you camp, you can pick a new park in your state.  Not only is it not too far to travel in state, but it means that over the years, you will have really gotten to know the area around you.  Plus, since it's cheap, it means you'll get to travel more often!  One camping weekend per month is not too hard to make happen.  By the end of the year, you'll have taken 12 mini vacations!

EXERCISE.  Camp near an area that you want to get to know on foot.  Take a hike.  Check out some local waterfalls.  Walk around some unique little town.  Choose someplace new so that you get out there and explore.  During our normal work week, we spend so much time sitting down.  Use the weekends to get outdoors and get moving!

Are you already in love with camping?  What's your favorite part of it?  Share in the comments below!