USA Road Trip Day 25

Departure: Buena Vista, CO
Arrival: Lenexa, KS
Hours: 11 1/2
Miles: 707.4
Gallons: 28.4

We missed the Kansas state welcome sign because there was road construction going on and we couldn't get to it...oh well. Holly Hoffart set us up to stay with her sister and her sister's husband. Dave and Lori were not home when we got there so we let ourselves in...here is a picture of the attack guard dog who met us at the door. Scary...huh? She followed us around, laying all over us and crying if we stopped petting her. We could have been burglars for all she knew, but she loved us like family as soon as we came in their door! Dave and Lori were so friendly and hospitable and it was fun to meet some more of Jennifer's family (Jen and I have been best friends since we were 2!!!).

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