Did I break a record?!?!?!?!

     Since I was born in 1985, I have moved 37 times...
and since Nick and I were married in 2007, we have moved 11 times!!!

In case you didn't realize, I am actually a professional mover!  I can throw away, give away or sell everything I own and have everything that is leftover packed within a half-day (or less).  If you need my help...just let me know...here are my credentials below:

Florence, SC (1985-1992)
My 1st home - My parents took me home to our house on Homestead Drive.
2nd - Our house on McQueen Street3rd - Our trailer in my Grandpa and Grandma Jackson's backyard on Willow Drive.
4th - Our Habitat 2000 apartment on Parker Drive.  Mary Ashley was born here!
5th - Our house in Forest Lake, which was built by my dad.
6th - Our house on Beverly Drive.  Maggie was born here!
7th - Our Apartment on Coit Street.

Charlotte, NC (1992)
8th - SIM Missionary Training Center
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (1992-1994)
9th - Our house on Jima road.
10th - The Jay's apartment on the Bingham Academy compound.
11th - The Harding's apartment on the Bingham Academy compound.

Florence, SC (1994-1998)
12th - Our house on Indian Drive.
13th - Our house on Stratford Circle.  Lizzie was born here!
14th - Our house on Devonshire Drive, which was built by my dad.
15th - Our house on Woodland Drive.  My parents still live here now!

Cochabamba, Bolivia (1998-2001)
16th - Our house on Aneceto Padilla.
17th - Our house on Algarrobos.  This is where we met Juana and Sandra!
18th - Our house in Suti-Collo, off of Blanco Galindo.

Florence, SC (2001)
19th - Our house on Indian Drive.  We were here 6 months for furlough.

Cochabamba, Bolivia (2001)
20th - Our house on Pasaje Buenos Aires.

Florence, SC (2002)
21st - Our house on Indian Drive.  We were here 5 months after my moms accident.

Cochabamba, Bolivia (2002-2004)
22nd - Our house on Pasaje Buenos Aires.

Florence, SC (2004-2009)
23rd - Our house on Woodland Drive.  We moved back to the USA to stay.

...This is where I start to become independent and live separate from my parents...
24th - My dorm at Columbia International University in Columbia, SC.
25th - My apartment at Francis Marion University in Florence, SC.
26th - Elise's house on Kalmia Street.
27th - Mine and Nick's first house on Indian.  Yes, it is the same house that I lived in as a little girl!

The Logos Hope (2009-2010)
28th - Nick and I moved to the Logos Hope (OM Ships)...we lived in a cabin on Deck 2.  While on the ship, we travelled to Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Curacao, Barbados, Aruba, Jamaica and Guyana.
29th - Our cabin on Deck 7.
Florence, SC (2010-2014)

30th - Our house on Indian Drive.
31st - 1st floor apartment on Woodland Drive (yes, I lived next door to my parents).
32nd - 2nd floor apartment on Woodland Drive.
33rd - Our house on Woodland.

Greenville, SC (2014)
34th - Nick's parents' house.

Cochabamba, Bolivia (2014-2015)
35th - Juana and Sandra's apartment!!!

Florence, SC (2015-NOW)
36th - Our rental house on Congaree.
37th - Our VERY OWN HOME that we REALLY OWN on Pinckney Avenue!!!

My 37th Move!!!


Stitch Fix #3

This is my 3rd time to get a shipment from Stitch Fix!!!  If you don't know...Stitch Fix is a company that has you fill out a detailed profile about your style, assigns you a personal stylist, ships 5 items to your home, lets you try them on at home, keep what you want and send back what you don't want!  Who doesn't want that?!?!?!?!?  You do, of course...so...SIGN UP!!!  There is no commitment...just click that link, fill out the profile and see what you think!  You'll be addicted.  Plus, they even let you link them to your Pinterest "closet" so that they can see ideas of styles you love!  Stitch Fix is a girls BEST friend.  Not really, but kinda.

Getting ready to open my Fix!!!

I LOVED these pants and they fit perfectly...but I live in South Carolina and yesterday was over 100 degrees outside.  I wouldn't be able to wear these pants until maybe October, so I didn't keep them.

Black skinnies with light gray polka dots...

I LOVED this blue shirt and kept it!!!  It isn't too fitted and the color 
was beautiful...perfect for summer!

Love the blue!

This pencil skirt did NOT flatter me and the material was too hot for South 
Carolina summers, so I didn't keep it.

Pencil skirt with a pattern.

The earrings weren't too exciting so I didn't keep them.

Earrings :)

I really liked this clutch, but didn't feel like I "needed" it right now, so I didn't keep it.

Black clutch.

Here is the pencil skirt with the blue shirt...as you can see, the pencil skirt is NOT flattering.
 (sorry the lighting is bad!)

Blue shirt with pencil skirt.

Here are the black skinnies with the blue shirt...I REALLY like this outfit, but I didn't keep the black skinnies.  I have another pair of black skinnies already that
 I can use when I want this outfit in the fall!!!

Blue shirt with skinnies.

So, I kept the blue shirt and sent back everything else!

What do you think?!?!?!?!?!  Is Stitch Fix going to be your thing?!?!?!?!


My Tribe

     Last month I read the book Tribes by Seth Godin!...basically, it talks about doing things differently, going against the flow and being a leader (at least, that's what I got from it).  The advantage of doing things differently, going against the flow and being a leader is that you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE...the disadvantage is that sometimes it REALLY BOTHERS PEOPLE and IT'S HARD!

“Leadership is scarce because few people are willing to go through the discomfort required to lead. This scarcity makes leadership valuable. If everyone tries to lead all the time, not much happens. It’s discomfort that creates the leverage that makes leadership worthwhile” (p. 55).

     Last weekend, Nick and I flew to Utah and spent time camping at the Young Living Lavender Farm with our team!  CLICK HERE to watch a funny, short clip on what it means to be a Lemon Dropper :)  I love this job (can't believe it really IS a "job"), love that Nick loves it also, love that we spend time helping people, love the friends we''ve made and love the traveling that we get to do!!!  Here are a few of my favorite photos from all the fun we had!!! 

PS...it's pretty convenient 
that I read Tribes and then we spent the weekend 

Riding in the red bug!

Young Living Lavender Farm

Camping with a natural noise machine!

Young Living Corporate Offices

Young Living Warehouse

A room with a view.

LIndsay Moreno, our fearless leader!

Young Living Lavender Farm!!!

Lemon Dropper Campers

Band of Bearded Brothers (Lemon Dropper Men)