USA Road Trip Day 15

Departure: Palmdale, CA
Arrival: Cupertino, CA
Hours: 5 hrs 15 mins
Miles: 359.8
Gallons: 7.6

We were so sad to leave our cousins house and wish that we could stay longer! We had such a wonderful time and they really spoiled us...we want to come back again ASAP!!! The plan for today was actually to go to Yosemite, but with the worldwide alert for the Hantavirus, we decided to avoid our possible death and continue on a different road trip path. We thought that we would camp in San Francisco, but after sleeping in our car due to rain and tent site flooding, we took the help of my aunt Vicki and she set us up with a friend of hers for us to stay with! So, we are in Cupertino at Bob's house! Bob is super friendly and made us feel right at home, even though he didn't know us until 5pm today! It is crazy because he has actually been to Ethiopia and Bolivia (the countries that I grew up in)! He said that he didn't see any of either country because of war and strike...typical. We went out to dinner at Taco Bell with Bob and his friend Steve, who is also staying the night here. Apparently Bob hosts people all of the time. After Taco Bell they took us to this bar to meet up with this guy Tim. Tim is an atheist and Steve is a buddhist, but they were so happy for us that we were Christian missionaries and were pretty much cheering us on...it was strange...Nick and I both wanted to say something, but neither of us came up with what to say. So we just listened to them talk about their lives and told them about our lives. They have all been divorced and seem to have a big group of singles that they hang out with all of the time. Each of them seemed genuinely interested in us and glad that we wanted to hang out with them. Tim, at one point, said that he was an atheist because if God was real, bad things wouldn't happen. I know that this seems to be one if the big arguments, but bad things happen to everyone whether you are a Christian or not...the amazing thing about being a Christian is that God is with you and He is ultimately in control and has a perfect plan that we cannot understand! Also, Steve made the comment that he believes that religion chooses you and that buddhism chose him. I was reminded that religion doesn't choose us, but God did! Sadly Nick and I didn't think of any of these "answers" when talking with these guys. So we prayed for them because it is not in our control anyway, but in God's! We hung out for a while, but were so tired and the guys wanted to keep hanging out at the bar, so Nick and I walked back to Bob's house to go to sleep.

PS) no photos today...

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