USA Road Trip Day 21

Departure: Caldwell, ID
Arrival: Idaho Falls, ID
Hours: 5
Miles: 323.1
Gallons: 10.7

Since hotels near Yellowstone are expensive and I am too terrified to camp with the grizzlies, we are staying in a hotel about 2 hours from the park. In the morning, we will wake up early and drive to spent the day in Yellowstone and then drive about 3 hours to stay in a hotel tomorrow night. I know, confusing...but, it seems to makes sense to us. Today was just a day of driving and, just like yesterday, Idaho seems to be as empty as Oregon. There was nothing to look at and we didn't cross a state line, so there are no additions to our photo collection. Everyone in the state of Idaho is so friendly and the customer service here is great! The hotel we are staying at tonight just had a free soup bar set up for dinner too!

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