USA Road Trip Day 26

Departure: Lenexa, KS
Arrival: Lookout Mountain, GA
Hours: 11 1/2
Miles: 725
Gallons: 26.1

Today we drove through six states!!! That is our record so far. We haven't done too well with getting photos in front of the state line signs lately. We passed the Missouri sign while driving 60 miles an hour over a bridge, but we did get a picture of the arch! Traffic was crazy...we were in the middle of a city and couldn't stop. We didn't even know that we were going to drive through Illinois until we saw a sign telling us that we were already in the state! So we missed that sign along the way too. We got the Kentucky sign from our car while going over a bridge, but missed the Tennessee sign because I was asleep and Nick didn't want to wake me up. So partly it is the lack of accessible state line signs and partly it is our fault. I think at this point we just want to get home! Near Chattanooga we passed into Georgia, back into Tennessee and then back into Georgia...that was weird! It is wonderful to see green grass and dense trees on the highway again...it makes us feel like we are already home. A friend set us up to stay with someone that he knew in the Chattanooga area and we just figured out that we know each other. Roger and Joy Gulick used to live in Florence and Roger used to be the pastor at First Presbyterian...small world! We arrived at the Gulick's house and Roger came to pick us up and take us back to their friends home, where we all had dinner. After dinner and visiting, the Gulicks took us to another friends home where we will spend the night because Roger and Joy are hosting 6 Africans and ran out of beds! Can't wait to be home tomorrow. I feel like we have been gone so long that we need a welcoming committee waiting for us at our house!

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  1. NO way!!! I can't believe you saw/almost stayed with Joy and Roger!! I am just a bit jealous. They have been very significant in our lives.