Departure: Rock Springs, WY
Arrival: Buena Vista, CO
Hours: 6 1/2
Miles: 375.4
Gallons: 10.7

We spent the day driving through Wyoming and Colorado and finally made it to Ben's place!   It was so great to see our Cowboy!  We went out for burgers and got a Redbox movie to watch together, since we just arrived and we are wiped out.  Ben and Nick spent the entire night passing gas...I threatened to include it in the blog if they didn't stop, but they both said that they didn't care...so here it is.

Nick and I slept on a mattress on the floor.  I think that the last time I was at a "sleepover" with Ben was when the Temples stayed at our house during hurricane Hugo...or actually it is when they came to visit us in Bolivia in 1999.  Those were the years when I was bigger than Ben and Mark and I would get in trouble for picking on him and Mary Ashley!  Time flies and we all grow up!!!

Can't wait to see what Colorado has in store for us!

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