There's nothing like a loyal, lovable dog.  They are there for you when you need them, love you unconditionally and are always up for a good time.  Just like children, dogs can be a lot of work, but the benefits far outweigh the cost.

Throughout my lifetime, I've had many dogs come and go.  Big dogs and little dogs.  Hyper dogs and  lazy dogs.  Loyal dogs and the ones that run every time they catch the door open.  No matter the dog, though, they always have such human personalities.  My family even had a boxer (Daisy) that would get mad when she didn't get her way, go sit in the corner, not make eye contact with anyone and pout like a child.  It was hilarious and annoying at the same time.  We always joke that our dogs never know how good they have it.  If you are a dog owner yourself, I'm sure you already know that every dog is special.  Although there are many reasons why I'm convinced that dogs truly are man's best friend, here are the two reasons that have impacted me the most in my lifetime.

LOYAL COMPANIONS - When my parents first got our Bulldog, Buddy, I didn't like to be around him too much because he slobbered all the time.  But, in 2012, I went through a period of anxiety and stomach issues.  I basically couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and missed work for weeks.  Each morning, when Ironman would head to work, I would go over to my parents and curl up on the couch to sleep the day away.  Buddy ended up being the best little nurse.  Although he wasn't allowed on the couch, I would help him jump up and then we would cuddle for hours.  Every time I would wake up, he would have his paw on me and be watching me.  I was convinced that Buddy knew that I was sick and needed comfort.  He is now my favorite dog I've ever known and I want my own Bulldog one day.

Daisy "spoke" English and Spanish since we lived overseas!
FIERCE PROTECTORS - Growing up overseas in Ethiopia and Bolivia was so much different than the typical American life.  One of the big differences was our home.  We were surrounded by tall cement walls, covered with glass shards and topped with spirals of barbed wire.  Our windows were reinforced with iron bars, our gate was always locked and we had a boxer name Daisy, who was constantly on the look out for "bad guys".  One night, while my sister Mary Ashley and I were home alone, we heard some noises outside at the same time that Daisy started to go wild.  My sister and I sped around the house, making sure all the doors were locked, as Daisy barked like she was going to eat someone for dinner.  She was running around, like she was losing her mind, and ramming her muscular body into the kitchen and front doors, trying to get out.  Come to find out later, some men had somehow gotten into our gate and were in our yard!  They never made it into the house, but I remember not being as scared as I probably should have been because I knew that if anyone got in that door, Daisy was going to kill them.

Having a dog is a big responsibility and shouldn't be taken lightly.  However, there are so many ways that a good, family dog can improve your life, if you're ready.  Just recently, my friend Katelyn, had some adorable mini Goldendoodles that were hard to pass up.  Although they are already all sold, you can check out her FaceBook page if you want to see some adorable, teddy-bear like faces.  But, if you are seriously looking around for a new family addition, I like to look at sites like Puppy Spot to see real photos and prices and dream of "one day".



Ironman spent years telling me that I should start my own business, but I always thought he was crazy and repeatedly told him that would never happen.  Well, we all know never say never!  Right?  I ended up starting my own small business in 2013 and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.  I am my own boss.  No one is telling me when to work or what to do.  And the best part is that I can travel as much as I want because all I need is wifi and my cell phone to get work done.  It's truly a blessing and I'm so happy to have this business!

My favorite "office"
I know that there are many others who own small businesses and understand the importance of having drive and taking initiative to keep things running smoothly.  It's amazing not having anyone telling me what to do, but it also means that I have to be very self-motivated and stay focused on my own.  I usually am pretty good about this, but sometimes I hit a wall and don't know what to do.  Here are some things that work for me when I feel like I'm stuck in a rut:

1.  COMMUNICATE - Check and respond to all overdue emails, texts, phone calls, FaceBook messages, Instagram notifications, etc. to catch up.  I almost always find that I responded to someone in my head, but not actually in real life...oops.  This helps me catch those mistakes and make sure that no one thinks I'm ignoring them.

2.  ORGANIZE - File that stack of papers.  Update those spreadsheets.  Delete old emails.  Clean up my desk.  Take out the trash.  I find that I can get a lot more work done when I'm in a clean environment.  It helps me think more clearly since I'm not distracted by all these things going on around me.

3.  LEARN - Join a book club, watch a documentary, catch up on a blog you like or listen to a podcast.  You might even consider signing up for a local event or a huge convention!  Whatever you do, don't ever stop exploring.  I love spending time with people who are always learning new things because we never run out of something interesting to talk about!

4.  PLAN - Revisit your Dream Board (or make one if you don't have one yet) and write out your goals.  You should have goals written out for your next 30 days, 1 year, 5 year and lifetime.  When you're done, put it up where you will see it and be reminded of your goals daily.  Making goals helps me stay focused because when I feel lost, I'm quickly reminded of why I'm working so hard!

5.  ENCOURAGE - Send a postcard or gift to someone that you've been thinking of and want to encourage.  It can be a family member, friend or even a co-worker.  Want to do it without having to pay for postage?  Get on FaceBook or Instagram and instead of "liking" a post, leave a thoughtful comment.  It means a lot to me when someone takes the time to write something and shows me that they want to participate in my life!

6.  POST - Are you trying to grow your business through social media?  If so, I recommend you read Getting Noticed, by my friend Lindsay Moreno.  Years ago, I had no idea how to use FaceBook, except to load photos from my travels.  And I didn't have Instagram.  With the help of Lindsay, I learned how to grow an entire business through social media alone.  Who knew you could do that?!  Because of how much the world uses social media today, I'm convinced that anyone and any business could grow simply through learning how to use FaceBook, Instagram and a blog the right way!  My tip?  Practice.  Take photos.  Post.  Repeat.  Every single day.  Show people what you love.

7.  MENTOR - Learn from those who have gone before you.  Find someone who you admire and ask if they would be willing to let you get to know them.  Do the same for someone else who might admire you by being available to them.  Relationships are good for us and help us grow!

8.  PARTY - All work and no play, makes everyone unmotivated and stretched thin.  Remember you have friends and they need to see you!  Grab coffee with your sister.  Catch up with a co-worker over lunch (but don't talk business).  Have your girlfriends over for pizza and a movie.  Sometimes having business slow down can be a blessing in disguise.  Don't forget to participate in local events...this can help you learn new things, find new friends and grow your business at the same time.

If you own a small business, I'd love to know what things you do when you feel like you are stuck in a rut...please share!



Although we are trying to avoid becoming zombies, there's something wonderful about coming home after a long day, getting in your pjs, grabbing something to eat, laying on the couch and watching a good movie or TV series.  Over the years, we have watched a lot of movies, but we definitely have some favorites.  Some we only watched once or twice, but still talk about years later because of them being such a good memory.  Others, however, we keep going back and watching over and over again.  So, in case you'd like some ideas, here they are:

1.  SEABISCUT - I went to the movie theatre to see this one with my Grandma Jackson.  Although I don't remember much of the movie, I do remember a point when the entire audience burst out cheering and clapping and I got goosebumps all over my body.  It was such an emotional movie and it got us all stirred up.  I'll never forget my Grandma sitting beside me and hearing her scream out with excitement.  It was such a weird moment when no one was worried what anyone else thought, compared to most times when people are quiet and reserved to save face in public.

2.  PRINCESS BRIDE - Such a good one to watch when you don't know what to watch.  It's got a little bit of everything and most people love it.

3.  A KNIGHTS TALE - I love how this movie shows someone who has a dream and works hard until they see it achieved.  It's a good lesson that you can do almost anything once you're ready to work hard.

4.  A WALK TO REMEMBER - Super cheesy and sad, but I'll always love it because it's the one movie that my daddy and I went to see together (on a daddy daughter date) in the theatre.  As one of four girls, I really appreciated when I got to go out with one of my parents one-on-one.

5.  THE OTHERS - I loved how this movie was spooky, but didn't give me nightmares the rest of my life (I usually can't handle anything scary).  Also, it has a great twist at the end.

6.  THE SIXTH SENSE - Another one that's a little scary in a way, but has a great twist that you'd never expect.

7.  CINDERELLA - I've always loved Disney movies, but I'm talking about the latest one with the lesson to "have courage and be kind".  It was such a great movie and even inspired this blog post.

8.  GONE WITH THE WIND - This is a long one, but I love to put it on and watch it when I'm sick and have a long day on the couch ahead of me.  Scarlet is one tough lady and I love to watch how she takes each situation and just does what she has to do.

9.  WHITE CHRISTMAS - Christmas.  Singing.  Dancing.  Love.  Loyalty.  And finally, snow.  Does it get any better than this?  Click HERE to read an old blog post partly inspired by this movie.

10.  ELF - Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color...Smiling's my favorite...Bye Buddy, hope you find your dad.  Can we just talk to everyone in ELF quotes?

11.  NACHO LIBRE - And this brings us to Nacho Libre.  Between ELF and Nacho Libre, my family can have full blown conversations.  Of course, Ironman get's tired of how many times I want to watch ELF each year, but he doesn't seem to mind my dad's complete obsession with Nacho.

12.  PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - Beautiful clothes.  Impeccable manners.  Polite conversations.  Leisurely walks.  Dancing at balls.  Drawn out dinners.  Romantic proposals.  I have no idea what is was really like to live back then, but these type movies make it seem so dreamy and peaceful.  This is a great movie to watch for girls night.  You'll be wanting to practice your manners and drink your tea by the end of the movie.

I love a good cup of chai tea around Christmas!
13.  THE PROPOSAL - This movie is absolutely hilarious.  Sandra Bullock is beautiful and smart, but it's fun to watch her soften up.  Plus, I want to go to Alaska...the scenery in gorgeous.

14.  O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU - Yet another movie that my family could speak the language of.  Great music.  Great acting.  Great story line.  It's one that you can watch over and over again.

15. LEAP YEAR - Like The Proposal, this couple starts off hating each other, only to (you guessed it) fall in love by the end of the movie.  Since the movie takes place in Ireland, I love getting to hear the accents and see the beautiful landscape as they make their way across the country.  It's a good lesson in that sometimes you get what you want only to discover you didn't really want it after all.

16.  SAFE HAVEN - Nick and I always enjoy watching this one together.  I'm not sure why exactly.  I think it could have something to do with the sweet little town where everyone looks out for each other, or the slower pace of life, or the quaint store and the adorable kids.  Who knows?  But you can find out if you watch it :)

17.  PIRATE'S OF THE CARIBBEAN - We love watching this series every summer while we are on vacation or at the beach!

18.  HARRY POTTER - And this one every Christmas.

19.  INDIANA JONES - This series is perfect anytime we don't know what to watch, but know that we want an oldie, but goodie.

20.  JASON BORNE - When we want something fast paced and kick butt...unfortunately I miss half the movies because I close my eyes, but I like practicing my fight moves on Ironman and seeing if I can catch him off guard.

21.  CHRONICLES OF NARNIA - I really enjoy how this one is set partly in a magical world and partly in the real world.  The animals can talk just like humans and it seems that anything is possible.  The landscapes and accents are beautiful.  And I love how Aslan gave up his life to take the place of Edmund...it's such a good reminder of how Jesus gave up His life for me and you!

22.  BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - We love the old one, but we really enjoyed the new one that just came out in theaters!  Emma Watson did a great job and there was so much talent in the singing and dancing.  They kept it pretty close to the original.  If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you go see it in theaters ASAP!

Do you have a favorite movie?  Share in the comments below!

Want to see our 15 favorite TV shows?  Click HERE.



I don't know about you, but I'm like a butterfly coming out of her cocoon after spending months indoors.  Although I could sit outside on my porch in the winter, I don't enjoy it near as much because it's freezing!  So, the past few weeks, as I've enjoyed the warm sunshine and fresh air, I've felt ready for a great big cleanup inside my house.  It feels so good to do a deep clean, simplify, rearrange things and freshen up.  Unfortunately, most of my house is in the middle of renovations, so those areas will have to wait.  The only completed rooms in the entire house are my bedroom and bathroom, so I will get to work to keep those spaces feeling clean and organized.

Are you ready to do some spring cleaning like me?  Here are my steps I love to cross off to feel most accomplished:

1.  STRIP.  The best way to start is to strip the room clean of everything except the furniture and mattress.  Take down the curtains.  Remove the linens from the bed.  Clear out all the clothes from your drawers and closet.  What's left should be about as much as you'd find in a hotel room.

2.  DUST.  Start at the ceiling and work towards the floor.  Crown molding first, then the light fixtures.  Door and window casings, followed by furniture.  If you have wood furniture, you probably will want to polish the pieces with something "oily" to give back moisture and shine.  Finish with shoe molding.

3.  CLEAN.  Go back and clean the windows.  Look around the room and see if there are any spots or stains that need extra attention.  The last thing you should do is vacuum.  I LOVE my Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner.  I can clean and spot treat everything in the room: molding, walls, floors, carpets, rugs, furniture, etc.  I've even used it to remove impossible stains from linens and clothing!  It's completely natural and safe, so it's ok if your pet licks or if you get your kids to help with the cleaning!  Plus, you won't be breathing in harmful toxins while trying to spring clean.  Oh yea, and did I mention it's FREE this month, with that adorable little spray bottle!  You know you want me to hook you up with a bottle of this!

4.  WASH.  Start washing all the linens, including curtains, beddings, mattress cover, pillows and any other type of material that has collected dust and can go in the washing machine.  Some items may need to be dry cleaned, so check labels.  Also, you may have bedding that is too large or heavy for your washer, so you might have to take a trip down to the local laundromat.

5.  SORT.  Look through the items in your room (furniture, linens, pillows, rugs, lamps, decor, framed pieces, etc.) and ask yourself if each thing should stay.  Do you still enjoy that item?  Is it in good condition?  Does it need to be replaced?  Can you up-cycle it by chalk painting it or getting a new lampshade?

6.  CAPSULE WARDROBE.  This would be the perfect time to start your own capsule wardrobe!  Just as you went through the items in your room, do the same with your clothing.  Go through each item and ask yourself:

-Do I feel attractive when I wear this?
-Does this cut and fit flatter my body?
-Do I feel comfortable in this?
-Does this color look good with my skin tone?
-Do I like this style?
-Overall, do I enjoy wearing this?

If you answered "no" to any of those questions, you might want to consider throwing away or giving away that item.  Do this with each piece of clothing that you own, including accessories.

If you want more details on how to create your own capsule wardrobe, check out this blog post.

7.  PUT AWAY.  Once you have gone through the every item in your room, including your clothing, only put back the best.  Items you love, enjoy looking at, wearing, etc.  Less is better when you have a bedroom filled of items that make you feel your best.

8.  FRESHEN UP.  Smells really effect how a place feels, so I love for my home to always smell clean and fresh.  One of my favorite tricks is to diffuse is Lemon and Peppermint essential oils.  Not only does it clean up the air, but it doesn't put toxic chemicals into my home like most candles.  The Lemon smells so clean and the Peppermint so fresh.  Plus, with all the dust you've been dealing with, they help you stay on top of the sneezing and itching...add Lavender to that combo and you're really in business!

9.  REPLACE.  When you sorted through the items in the room, you may have found that some things need to be replaced.  Old pillows are kinda gross.  A new rug could really change the look of the room.  Updated lampshades make a huge difference.  You don't have to spend a ton of money.  Just consider one or two items that would really pack and punch and start there!  You may even decide to simply chalk paint old furniture or take down the old curtains for good to open the room up.  Another thing to think about is the age of your mattress and your sleep quality.  If you really need a new mattress and you're in the market, you might consider checking out a company like Leesa for some online mattresses.  Not only will you get a new mattress, but Leesa also gives back to the community in some great ways with their One-ten, One-Earth, and One-Community programs, which involve donating mattresses, planting trees, and supporting national and local organizations. Check out their philanthropy efforts and how to get involved on their site. 

Do you have a tip for spring cleaning?  Please share in the comments below!



On Easter Sunday, our pastor talked about how we can choose life or death.  Immediately, I remembered the scene in Ice Age when Sid was faced with a decision to take a shortcut.  The path was a dark, creepy crevice in a rock face.  He looked at it for less than a second, did a 180 and said "No thanks, I choose life".  Watch the short clip here if you don't know what I'm talking about:

This "I choose life" scene has always stuck with me and been the butt of many of my own personal jokes (and I think I'm hilarious).  For instance, when people ask me if I'll ever sky dive or bungy jump or give blood or run a marathon or anything that sounds insanely difficult or terrifying...I'll reply with "I choose life", as if that answered the question.

But, in all seriousness, Sunday morning and this Ice Age scene got me thinking about the word "choice".  God gave us freedom of will.  He gave us the ability to make decisions.  We can choose Him or reject him.  We can "choose life" with God or death apart from Him.  But there's another side of "choice".  Although Sid wanted to "choose life", he was forced to take the short cut anyway.  However, if we choose Life with Christ, no one can force us the other way...like through that dark, creepy crevice in the rock face shortcut.  Nothing can separate us from The LORD.  



Cell phones.  Everywhere I go, people are on them.  They are so useful, like mini computers in your pocket.  I'm not saying I hate them and we should all quit using them.  No way!  For my small business alone, my iPhone has been an amazing tool, giving me so much freedom to work from anywhere in the world (check out 19 reasons why every minimalist needs an iPhone).  What's shocking, though, is how I see more and more people addicted to it.  Not only when sitting somewhere on their own, but when they are with friends, family and co-workers around.  Instead of spending time truly focused on the person in front of us, we are looking down at the screens in our hands.  We are trading in face-to-face for virtual.

Over the past year, I have really been convicted of how guilty I have been of this and have tried my best to make positive steps towards using my iPhone to help me, without letting it hurt me.  If you notice that you get on your phone while with someone, you might want to take some steps toward getting that under control.  Here are some things that I have tried that have worked for me:

1.  PUT IT AWAY.  Think about how you feel when you are with someone and they keep looking at their phone, checking notifications or texting other people.  I know it makes me feel like they really aren't listening to what I am saying and maybe don't even really want to spend time with me.  Don't be that person!  When you are spending time with someone, put your phone away somewhere it won't be a distraction.  Leave it in your purse or set it down somewhere else in the room, out of hands reach.  Be present.  Keep eye contact.  Really listen.  Talk to the person who is sitting right in front of you.

2.  WEAR A WATCH.  I've heard people say that they need their cell with them to check the time, but a watch would work too!  When you look down at your watch, your friend, family or co-worker won't think that you more interested in a text (or social media) than them.  Plus, there are so many cute watches out there that can add interest to your outfit!  Win win.  I know that I am a big fan of Fossil watches.  How about you?  Is there a brand of watch that you'd love to own?

3.  USE AN ALARM CLOCK.  Same as a watch, you should buy an alarm clock for your bedroom.  Your cell should never be in your bedroom.  Not only because it cuts into cuddle time (wink wink), but because it cuts into your sleep!  Although you may fall asleep, you are subconsciously listening for your phone and may be woken up to vibrations or light during the night.  I know that used to happen to me before I quit taking my phone to bed.  You'll rest much better if you keep your cell out of your bedroom.  Believe me, I have!  Since 2015, I haven't taken my cell phone to bed with me and it's been a really good decision all around.

4.  TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS.  I believe that one of the main reasons that people are on their phones so much now is because it's an addiction.  Each time you hear a ding, feel a vibration or see something pop up, you get excited that something important has happened.  You simply have to check to see what's new.  Kick that habit by turning off your notifications and maybe even consider keeping your phone on silent.

Family cruises are my favorite because none of our cell phones work!
5.  DELTE APPS.  In addition to notifications, you might want to consider deleting some apps.  If you find that you can't stop checking FaceBook, maybe it's time to delete it off your phone and simply check it from your computer.  Do you have other apps that you can't seem to stop checking?  Be honest with yourself and think about what you may need to clear off your phone.  Don't get me wrong, apps are super useful, but not if you are addicted to them and they are sucking your limited time out of relationships and other important areas of your life.

6.  SCHEDULE SCREEN TIME.  Once you turn off your notifications and delete some apps, you should schedule your screen time.  Do you want to check your social media daily?  Ok, that's totally fine!  Just choose what time or times you want to check it each day.  I usually wake up and go through my morning routine first, then check FaceBook and Instagram once I'm done...it usually gives me about 2 hours to wake up, spend time with Ironman, tidy the house, have some quiet time and start my day before I get on social media.  Then, I go about the rest my day (sometimes checking FaceBook and Instagram again since I do most of my work from them), but once Ironman is home each night, I'm done with social media for the day so that we can spend quality time together.

7.  SET A TIMER.  If you notice, when you schedule your screen time, that you can't stop mindlessly scrolling and you get sucked in, you might want to set a timer.  Choose how much time you want to give yourself.  15 minutes?  30 minutes?  Set a timer and once it goes off, get off.  The amount of time is totally up to you.  Since I do most all of my work online, I'm on social media a good bit before lunch and sometimes in the afternoon if I have more work to do.  But, if your job doesn't require you to be on FaceBook and Instagram, then you'll want to spend much less time on them daily.

Have you tried to cut back on screen time yourself?  If so, what are some tips you could add to my list?



I have always been a minimalist, but in the summer of 2014 I began to see things all over the internet about minimizing your wardrobe.  I saw everything from "The 40 Hanger Closet", to "Project 333", "The 5 Piece French Wardrobe" and many others all with the same idea of downsizing.  I was hooked.  Little did I know, but my friend Jamie had come across the same thing!  So, we quickly set up a frozen yoghurt date at Orange Leaf and started planing out our new and improved wardrobes!

Jamie brought some print outs from UnFancy so that we could get our thoughts together and down on paper.  We went over what we "own and wear", what we "own and don't wear" and a little bit of special occasion clothes and travel.  After coming up with a plan, it was time to go shopping and build our Fall Capsules.  I copied UnFancy and chose 37 items...here is my post about it!

Once I got into this Capsule Wardrobe idea, I went a little crazy on Pinterest and ended up running into Jennifer L Scott, author of Lessons from Madame Chic, and watched her TEDx Talk on the 10 Item Wardrobe.  Jennifer was my favorite Capsule Wardrober (is that a word?) because she spent time in Paris and learned about fashion while in that culture.  I was instantly in love with her work and decided that I was going to go with her for all things related to my new obsession with the capsule wardrobe idea.  

Since the Summer of 2014, I have diligently done the Capsule Wardrobe and really enjoyed the ease and simplicity.  At first, it was a lot of work weeding through my clothing, but I have learned a lot since then about what feels good to me and looks good on me.  When I look back at old photos, I remember how I would wear certain outfits and feel bad all day, but didn't really understand that at lot of it had to do with how I felt in my clothes.  Clothes aren't the most important thing in the world, but they do so much for a person's self confidence and how they are perceived by others (think first impressions).

So, are you ready to get started on your own Capsule Wardrobe?

Let's do this.

STEP 1.  Do your research.  Google.  Use Pinterest.  Go to Barnes and Noble.  Find other blogs.  Read up on the capsule wardrobe so that you feel prepared and excited to get started.

STEP 2.  Get to work.  You are going to have to try on a LOT of items and be VERY honest with yourself.   This includes shoes, socks, underwear, bras, pants, shorts, skirts, all tops, dresses, belts, scarves, hats, pjs, bathrobes, swimsuits, coverups, all jewelry, gym clothes, EVERYTHING!  

STEP 3.  Make a mess.  Take ALL of your clothing (listed in step 2) out of of your closets, drawers, shelves, cabinets, boxes, storage bins, from under your bed, everywhere…EVERYTHING!  Take it ALL out and throw it on your bed or on the floor.  

STEP 4.  Organize into piles.  You are going to clear an area to make three piles: give away, throw away, keep.  All of your clothing will end up in one of these piles by the time you are done.

STEP 5.  Give away or throw away over-worn or unflattering items.
Ask yourself these questions:
-is the item stained?
-is the item stretched out?
-is the item an awful color on me?
-does this item make me feel ugly and/or fat?
-is this item old looking, picked, dingy, etc?
***If you answered yes to ANY of these, the item needs to go to GIVE AWAY or THROW AWAY!

STEP 6.  Give away or throw away never-used or barely-used items.
Now, everything that is left, should be good-looking items.  Ask yourself these questions:
-have I worn this item in the last 12 months?
-is this a seasonal item, like a winter coat that I DO wear?
-is this a sentimental item, like my old wedding dress?
-is this item a special item, like a dress that I DO wear when invited to weddings and formal parties?
***If you answered "no" to all of the above, the item needs to go to GIVE AWAY or THROW AWAY!

STEP 7.  Keep only the best.
Now, EVERYTHING that is left, you are going to try on and look at yourself in the mirror.  EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CLOTHING.  For each item that you put on, ask yourself:
-does this make me feel beautiful when I wear it?
-do I feel comfortable in this?…no cutting off circulation, no leaving deep red lines anywhere, no painful blisters...
-does this color look good with my skin tone and eye color?
-do I get compliments when I wear this?
-do I enjoy wearing this?
***If you answered "no" to any of these, the item needs to go to GIVE AWAY or THROW AWAY!

STEP 8.  Neatly put away items you are going to keep.  What is left can now go back into your drawers and closet.  You might not have much, but remember that's ok!  From now on, you'll buy things that you truly love and look amazing on you.  Sound good?  Also, consider buying all matching hangers or baskets to make everything look organized and streamlined.

STEP 9.  Throw away.  All the items in the throw away pile go directly in the trash before you change your mind.

STEP 10.  Give away.  All the items in the give away pile go directly to donation before you change your mind.  Find a local shelter or someplace that could use these items to help others.

STEP 11.  Come up with a plan.  Do you have enough clothes left to wear (remember Madame Chic only has about 10 items)?  Or, did you do a serious clean out and you need to restock your wardrobe?  You may have kept "your best items", but you'd still like to replace them when you have the money.  Anything goes.  This is YOUR capsule wardrobe.  Just decide how many items you want in your closet and what items you want.  Then, you'll be able to see if you are missing something and need to go shopping.  If you need extra help, click HERE to go to the Unfancy Blog's FREE printable wardrobe planner.

Remember creating your own capsule wardrobe isn't about cleaning out and going shopping, although all that is fun.  It's about keeping and wearing only the items that you feel and look great in, so that you look your best everyday, but with less effort.  

Have you ever tried doing a capsule wardrobe?  If so, tell me your favorite item in your closet!