USA Road Trip Day 12

My cousin Carrie took us to Hollywood today! After almost a two hour drive, we drove down Sunset and Hollywood Blvds. There were so many crazy people on Hollywood Blvd. They would dress up in the worst handmade costumes that I have ever seen and stand around to get tourists to take a photo with them for money! Apparently spider man is the most popular...there were about five of them without one block. That was the weirdest thing we have seen on this road trip and I can't believe that anyone would pay those characters to have a picture taken together!!! We drove up Cahuenga Pass to see the Hollywood sign...now I officially feel like I am in California! For lunch we went to this outside, open air mall, called Santa Monica Place and had lunch at True Food Kitchen. Everything was organic, vegan, vegetarian, fresh and they even had a juice bar. Carrie had a quinoa salad, Nick had tuna salad and I had a turkey burger with a kale salad...needless to say, we LOVE that place. The best part was Nick ordered a carrot juice to go! We walked down to the Santa Monica Pier, which reminded me a lot of Myrtle Beach. It was old, dirty, trashy, tourists taking pictures everywhere and cheap souvenir shops. But, it was so neat to walk down the stairs to the ocean and stick my toes in the Pacific for the first time! It was freezing, so my toes were the limit! We laid on the beach for long enough to take good naps...it was wonderful! The sun was out and warm, but there was basically no humidity, so we had the most perfect breeze. What a relaxing afternoon! To finish it off we went to get frozen yoghurt before driving back to Palmdale. While laying on the beach, we had seen a lot of smoke from a large fire and then we passed right by the fire next to the highway. An entire hill was burned to a black crisp and helicopters were all over the sky, dumping water on the fire! We always hear about fires here on the news, but I couldn't believe that we witnessed one today!

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