USA Road Trip Day 10

Departure: Grand Canyon
Arrival: Palmdale, CA
Hours: 7
Miles: 552.8
Gallons: 13.8

We stayed with the plan and slept in the car, since the floor of our tent moved under our fingers like a waterbed! From about 9pm to 3am we slept like rocks, until Nick woke up with cold feet and heart burn. So we swam through our tent to get his socks and Tums. Ten minutes later Nick was out cold, snoring again, and I started my battle with crazy legs! From then until 5:15am I couldn't get my legs to be still no matter what position I laid in. I was afraid to move because I didn't want to wake up Nick since he is our road trip driver and needs his beauty sleep. Finally I fell asleep for about 45 minutes and then woke up at 6am. We packed up our site and found that 39 earth worms were having a party under our above ground pool! Nasty! Nick and I are not high maintenance (correct me if I'm wrong), but we NEVER want to camp in the rain again, unless we have an RV or camper, which doesn't count...at least in my book...but, I am happy to use either one in the future. Also since rain is an inevitable part of the Appalachian Trail, we decided that might have to come off of our bucket list! We will have to see how we feel about it in a year or so. I'd say that Nick and I are good travelers--laid back, flexible and easy to please--but nothing beats a warm, dry bed and clothes! Even though we had a great time, camping in the rain is hopefully a first and last for us! So to wrap it up, the Grand Canyon was amazing and our photos don't do it justice! When I travel, see new sites, taste new food, meet new people and learn about new cultures, I am always reminded of how our God is creative and big and majestic and powerful and awesome...I always wonder how so many people can see the same places and not believe in Him! After leaving the Grand Canyon, we stopped at the Hoover Dam...again, the place was crawling with Europeans and Asians! Then we stopped and had lunch in Las Vegas at Panera. I know, not very creative, but we love that place and Florence doesn't have one. We drove down the Las Vegas Strip, which is like an adult's Disney World. This is one of those stops that will go on our been there, done that list. They weren't kidding when they named this place Sin City...it is everywhere! I would be afraid to raise a family there. Plus, Nick and I aren't big on crowds, which is why we drove down the strip instead of walked! Give us the open road, an empty beach or a tent (or RV or camper for future rain) in the woods and we are happy...Give us Atlanta, Phoenix, Houston or Las Vegas and we might kill someone! Unfortunately, Nevada and California didn't have places to stop and take a picture at the state line, so you will just have to take our word for it...we are now in California!!! We arrived at my family's house and caught up over dinner, after getting a tour of their place. They have such a neat house and we have our own little guest house that Nick and I are staying in by the pool! It is ironic because they have three kids: Carrie, Emily and Will...Carrie and I look like twins, Emily and I share the same name and Will and I share the same birthday, August 31st!!! My parents have wanted to do a road trip to California since I was little and we talked about it a lot, but we were never able to do it. I really cannot believe that Nick and I have made it all the way to the West coast!

PS) Today is my best friend's birthday. Say Happy Birthday to Jennifer Hoffart if you can see her, call her, text her, Facebook her or Email her today!!!

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