Departure: Phoenix, AZ
Arrival: Grand Canyon
Hours: 3 1/2
Miles: 233.1
Gallons: 8

All of the yards in Arizona have their landscaping done with rocks and dessert plants! I really like how it looks, especially alongside the architecture, which is mainly boxed homes with a flat roof. Thanks to Kira's dad, we didn't drive straight to the Grand Canyon, but made stops along the way. Our first stop was Montezuma Castle. It is a cliff-dwelling built by prehistoric Sinagua Indians in A.D. 1100 that sits high in a limestone shelf! After that we visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, where the rocks, dirt and mountains are all a burnt red color. Sedona was so unreal it was like walking though Frontierland in The Magic Kingdom! Everything looked like what I thought the "wild west" should look like because of what I have seen in movies, but I still can't believe that what we are seeing is real!

This morning in my reading, I read "Never complain about anything--not even the weather". I thought to myself, "I can handle that!". Then, of course, it was pouring rain by the time we reached the Grand Canyon! Ugh!!! We got soaking wet setting up our tent and I was not a happy camper! Our clothes and rain coats were so wet that we were damp down to our underwear...now I understand why people spend a lot of money to buy those fancy, quick dry camping clothes! We went to the general store and sat inside waiting for the rain to stop. After a couple hours, it slowed down enough for us to go to our campsite, put on dry, warm clothes and hop in our tent. Camping is great, but so is technology...since we couldn't sit out by a campfire, we cuddled up in our sleeping bags and watched a movie on the iPad! Hopefully tomorrow will be clear skies so that we can explore and especially, so that we will be able to see the Grand Canyon!!!

Me and Kira

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