USA Road Trip Day 1

Departure: Florence, SC
Arrival: Roswell, GA
Miles: 317
Hours: 5
Gallons: 8.9 (plus the half-tank we already had)

After saying goodbye to the bulldog, Bobo, the kitty cat, Lilly, the guinea pig, Muffin (who is a boy) and the chickens, Nancy and the others (the chicken "boss" we named after my grandma Nancy...the rest are still just "the chickens"), we hopped in the car and headed out! Although we have been to the Atlanta area many times, we have never even once been to the home of my aunt Vicki. Not only was it such a treat just to see family and catch up, but we also had a great meal and all watched the last Harry Potter movie together, followed by America's Funniest Home Videos and looking at old family photos! I always love sitting around telling stories with family...we laughed so much! So, our first road trip day was a success...no breakdowns, no accidents, family, good food, lots of laughter...and to top it off, we watched our friends Spence and Jessie Romine star on House Hunters right before falling asleep!

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