Last year, I did my 2014 Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe.  I really enjoyed getting rid of the clothes that I didn't like and (mostly) sticking with my favorites.  I only had 37 items total, but I always felt put together and enjoyed my clothes more!  The only downside was that I didn't really have any extra money to get new things.  All of my warm weather clothes were in pretty bad shape, so when I got rid of most of them last Fall, I knew that I was going to have to shop for new things this Spring.  Because of needing to replace so many things at once, I have less items in my Spring/Summer Capsule...but, I am REALLY happy with my new purchases and I am excited to wear them throughout this upcoming season.

I'll give you the breakdown:

Top #1 - TJ Maxx

Top #2 - TJ Maxx

Top #3 - Ann Taylor Loft

Top #4 - Recycled Rooster

     ^^^^^ this top from the Recycled Rooster is a 2nd hand item that I bought last Spring...I still love the colors (they are brighter in person), but need to find a tank top that can be worn underneath.

Top #5 - Stitch Fix

     ^^^^^ this top came from Stitch Fix!!!  Sometimes I am not very good about picking out clothes for myself and I rarely "branch out" and try new things...so I love that I have a personal stylist who picks stuff out for me and mails it to my house!  

Top #6 - Ann Taylor Loft

Bottoms #1 - TJ Maxx (last summer)

Bottoms #2 - Ann Taylor Loft

Bottoms #3 - hand-me-down from my sister :)

Bottoms #4 - "borrowed" from my mom's closet

Dress #1 - Ann Taylor Loft

Dress #2 - Ann Taylor Loft

Dress #3 - "borrowed" from my sister's closet (she doesn't know yet)

Shoes #1 - Target

Shoes #2 - Target (last Fall)

Shoes #3 - hand-me-downs from my sister :)
FYI:  I have undies and pjs, two sets of workout clothes, walking shoes, flip flops, a rain coat and one set of dirty work clothes...those things don't count in my Capsule.

     As you can see...it's SUPER convenient to have 3 sisters and a mother.  Although my Spring/Summer Capsule is pretty much done, I still have some work to do...

For instance:
-I'm sure that my mom wants her skinny jeans back...I am searching for my own pair.
-I need to find a tank top that can go under Top #4.
-Whether I keep Dress #3 will be determined when my sister finds out I have it!
-Shoes #3 are SUPER high (I feel like a giant) and not comfy...I am searching for a lower wedge.
-I would LOVE to find a pair a white pants or skinny jeans...know any good brands???
-When it's hot outside, the AC's are freezing inside...I am searching for some cardigans/jackets.

PS...you can tell that I am NOT big on ironing my clothes...I am trying to improve!!!!!!!!!

Do you want to makeover your wardrobe?!?!?!

Let's get started:

You are going to have to try on a LOT of items and be VERY honest with yourself.   This includes shoes, socks, underwear, bras, pants, shorts, skirts, all tops, dresses, belts, scarves, hats, pjs, bathrobes, swimsuits, coverups, all jewelry, gym clothes, EVERYTHING!

1.  Take it ALL out of of your closets, drawers, shelves, cabinets, boxes, storage bins, from under your bed, everywhere…EVERYTHING!  Take it ALL out and throw it on your bed or floor.

2.  Look at each item and ask yourself these questions:
-is the item stained?
-is the item stretched out?
-is the item an awful color on me?
-does this item make me feel ugly and/or fat?
-is this item old looking, picked, dingy, etc?
***If you answered yes to ANY of these, the item needs to go to GIVE AWAY or THROW AWAY!

3.  Now, everything that is left, should be good-looking items...Ask yourself these questions:
-have I worn this item in the last 12 months?
-is this a seasonal item, like a winter coat that I DO wear?
-is this a sentimental item, like my old wedding dress?
-is this item a special item, like a dress that I DO wear when invited to weddings and formal parties?
***If you answered "no" to all of the above, the item needs to go to GIVE AWAY or THROW AWAY!

4.  Now, EVERYTHING that is left, you are going to try on and look at yourself in the mirror.  EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CLOTHING.  For each item that you put on, ask yourself:
-does this make me feel beautiful when I wear it?
-do I feel comfortable in this?…no cutting off circulation, no leaving deep red lines anywhere, no painful blisters...
-does this color look good with my skin tone and eye color?
-do I get compliments when I wear this?
-do I enjoy wearing this?
***If you answered "no" to any of these, the item needs to go to GIVE AWAY or THROW AWAY!

DONE!!!!  Didn't that feel good?!?!?!?!!

Now, don't get all crazy and go on a shopping spree to fill all that space...this is the perfect time to create a new wardrobe that you feel good about!!!

There are MANY bloggers and websites that you can find on minimalist wardrobes, capsule wardrobes, etc...CLICK HERE to see who my favorite is :)



I just realized that everyone is TOTALLY confused...

In August, Nick and I packed up and moved to Greenville, South Carolina.
In December, Nick and I packed up again and went to Bolivia, South America.
Three weeks ago, Nick and I packed up yet again and came BACK to Florence, South Carolina...

...to stay!!!!!!!

Here is what we know (which is not much):
1.  We are crazy
2.  We are living with my parents at the Jackson Plantation
3.  We love Marcos Pizza
4.  We are looking for a place to rent or buy
5.  We missed Florence a lot while we were gone
6.  Ummm.......that about sums it up

SSSOOOOOooooooooo...just wanted to clarify what's going on since Nick and I keep running into people in town who can't believe that WE are in town!  haha.  Maybe it's just our life goal to keep you on your toes?!?!?!?!!?



I am in LOVE with Stitch Fix!!!!!  

Don't know what that is???  

1.  you fill out a detailed profile about your size and style
2.  you choose a process date for your "fix"
3.  a personal stylist picks out and mails you 5 items that they think that you will love
4.  you keep what you want and return what you don't

---It's SUPER easy and it's fun to have someone else pick out clothes for you...especially if you don't have time to shop, if you aren't a good shopper or if you are stuck in a clothes rut!  

Last week, I got 5 items and chose to keep this shirt.  I am wearing it today for the first time and I am in LOVE with these delicate sleeves!

Want to sign up for your first FIX???  CLICK HERE!!!
(you can fill out the profile without having to commit to any purchase...just visit the site to see!)

Isn't this the prettiest sleeve you've ever seen?



During March, I read The Question Behind The Question, by John Miller...I really enjoyed this book because I feel like it applies to EVERYONE!  So many people play the BLAME GAME and complain, including ME!!!!!!!

It's not MY fault.
When will THEY do it right?
Why do WE have to do this?
WHO dropped the ball?
When is someone going to show ME how to do this?
It's not MY problem.
Why can't WE find a better team?
When will THEY do it better?
When are THEY going to give us a vision?
It's not MY job.

Does this sound familiar?  Does this sound like your workplace?  Your home?  Restaurants you visit?

Pretty much everywhere you go, people are running from responsibility.

This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.
There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.
Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.
Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job.
Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it.

It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

This type attitude does nothing positive or productive.  We ALWAYS have a choice in how we will respond to a problem or situation.  Even if you don't respond, you still CHOSE not to respond.

If you are going to ask questions...ask the RIGHT questions:

How can I do this better?
What can I do to help?
How can I improve this situation?

Do you see how different these questions sound?!?!?!?!!

Successful people who I know are NOT blamers and complainers...they have a goal and they make a plan of how THEY will get themselves there!!!  So, are you thinking like a successful person and asking the right questions?