On Easter Sunday, our pastor talked about how we can choose life or death.  Immediately, I remembered the scene in Ice Age when Sid was faced with a decision to take a shortcut.  The path was a dark, creepy crevice in a rock face.  He looked at it for less than a second, did a 180 and said "No thanks, I choose life".  Watch the short clip here if you don't know what I'm talking about:

This "I choose life" scene has always stuck with me and been the butt of many of my own personal jokes (and I think I'm hilarious).  For instance, when people ask me if I'll ever sky dive or bungy jump or give blood or run a marathon or anything that sounds insanely difficult or terrifying...I'll reply with "I choose life", as if that answered the question.

But, in all seriousness, Sunday morning and this Ice Age scene got me thinking about the word "choice".  God gave us freedom of will.  He gave us the ability to make decisions.  We can choose Him or reject him.  We can "choose life" with God or death apart from Him.  But there's another side of "choice".  Although Sid wanted to "choose life", he was forced to take the short cut anyway.  However, if we choose Life with Christ, no one can force us the other way...like through that dark, creepy crevice in the rock face shortcut.  Nothing can separate us from The LORD.  

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