Essential Oils

While growing up overseas, I was accustomed to going the natural route.  Got a stomach ache?  Drink some herbal tea.  Breaking out?  Dab on some tea tree.  House stinks?  Vacuum with some peppermint oil.  Essential oils were right up my alley, but I had no idea how much purity really mattered.  After years of using cheaper brands, I switched to Young Living.  They are the world leader in essential oils and the only company to own their own farms.  I knew I could trust them and was immediately impressed with the quality of the oils and products.  Although I had no idea what it meant at the time, I joined the Lemon Droppers.  Little did I know, I would belong to this amazing team that has taught me everything I know from how to safely use the essential oils to how to successfully run my own business.

Us at the Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah

If you've never heard of essential oils, they are basically oil from plants.  They can be used topically, internally and aromatically and for a million different things.  Once you learn about the toxins hiding in your cabinets, you'll want to begin replacing all those products with safer choices.  Before you know it, you'll love how easy it is to use essential oils and how much better you feel!  
I recommend you start where I did, with a Premium Starter Kit.  You'll get 11 of the most popular essential oils, a diffuser and some samples for about 50%, if you ever want to purchase more oils or products in the future, you get the wholesale price of 24% off!  Click HERE to get started, choose "wholesale", leave my sponsor and enroller id (#1570543) in the boxes, create your account and place your order.

You're going to be super excited and have a million questions...that's ok!  I'll be your go-to oils girl and help you get started.  Plus, I'll add you to our education group so that you can learn with me alongside thousands of others.  Just send me an email so that we can connect!

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to read my blog...I LOVE my readers and you inspire me to keep on writing!  If you have chosen to join me in becoming another essential oil lover, I can't wait to connect with you on that level too!!!

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