It's funny how I began the capsule wardrobe with only my "clothes" in mind.  Over the years, it has developed into something that I practice with my shoes, outerwear, accessories, work out gear and even home decor.  I really love having less items of higher quality in all areas.  My items last longer and are usually more comfortable when I have invested a little more in them.

My dressy shoes!
I've recently added a pair of nude peep toes to the collection.

So, let's talk shoes.  Remember last week I blogged about the 2 top places to invest your money?  Well, in case you missed it, "shoes" is one of them!  It's so funny how a shoe can practically transform an outfit.  Take a plain black dress...you can blend in almost anywhere.  However, if you add a pair of red heels (instead of the typical black), you're going to find yourself getting compliments everywhere you go.

My cold weather boots are my favorites :)

Or if instead of just another pair of normal winter boots, you wear your leopard print Tom's wedges, you'll be shocked at how many people come up to you and comment on your shoes!  I've heard it said that people don't really notice your feet.  Remember in Shawshank Redemption, how the main guy was able to steel the boss' shiny shoes and break out of jail with no one noticing his feet?  I never bought that.  People do notice.  If you are wearing a great outfit and not the right shoes, it's obvious.  Just like if you are wearing a great outfit and a great pair of shoes, it's obvious...you will get compliments left and right because people do notice what's on your feet.

Gotta be practical right?
These are my workout, camping and hiking shoes!

 Let's talk comfort.  This is tricky.  It seems like all the cutest shoes are heels or wedges.  And while those usually look better, they don't feel great.  Wearing heels can affect your joints, grow callouses, hurt your back, aren't always steady to walk on and don't have much cushion for support. Usually I am laid back and wear flats, however last fall I bought myself my favorite leopard print Tom's wedges and have worn them almost everyday since.  Although I love them and get compliments every time I wear them, I have noticed that my achilles tendon throbs!  I know they say "beauty is pain", but I'd like to take good care of my feet so that I can continue to be active.  Because of this, I feel like I need to break away from my wedges and heels fad that I am currently going through.  Sad.

And summer...don't you love the warm days where you
can just live in your flip flops?

Give me some ideas!  I really do love shoes...cute shoes.  But, I like to be comfortable and I'd like to keep my feet in good working order (which means I need more flats in my wardrobe).  Any brands that have cute flats with colors and patterns that I could add to my capsule wardrobe?  Plus, I'm tall (5'8"), so I don't have to wear heels since I am usually taller than everyone anyway.  Shoot me with your favorite brands!

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