Did you know that the Capsule Wardrobe doesn't only apply to your clothes, but also to your work out clothes, sleepwear, make up, accessories, shoes and more!  Basically, this idea can apply to anything that you want fewer, higher quality items so that you always look and feel your best.  Usually these are counted as "extras", but I still think it's important to continue with the capsule wardrobe idea in every area of your closet.

So today, I want to share what items are in my fitness capsule wardrobe!

I basically have 5 of each of my basics.  5 bottoms, 5 tops and 5 bras, underwear and socks...

4 pairs of knee length to 3/4 length pants
1 pair of shorts
5 tank tops
5 sports bras

 The pants and tanks are my go-to.  I got the shorts because I thought that they were cute, but really don't like wearing them as much when I exercise.  So, lesson learned, I'll stick to pants for future purchases!

Once the weather cools off, I begin to add my long-sleeved shirts to stay warm.

2 long sleeved shirts 
These LulaRoe leggings were both free and I tried to wear them as my regular clothes but feel like the patterns are too "loud" for me.  A friend mentioned that she loved working out in them because they are so comfy (which is true), so I am going to use them this winter for work out pants!

2 pair ankle length LulaRoe leggings
I love walking outside, so when the weather gets below 50, I usually add more layers on top of the long-sleeved shirts.  I have this warm pink vest and this zip up jacket.  Plus, I always add a scarf and am sure to cover my ears!

And once it's below freezing, I add my NorthFace winter coat on top of these items!  I really do layer up well so that I can enjoy my walks, even in the cold weather.

It's so important to have a good pair of shoes.  If you want to get cheaper work out clothes, that's totally fine.  But, I recommend spending the bulk of your budget on quality shoes...take care of your feet!

When shopping for my work out clothes, I have found things at places like TJMaxx and Target, but notice that when I buy cheaper items, they don't hold up well.  Each time I just break down and spend more money to get quality items like Under Armor or Nike, my work out clothes end up lasting much longer.  I bought a pair of Nike work out pants in 2008 that still are practically like new...but last year I bought some Champion work out pants from Target that already look pretty sad.  So, buying higher quality ends up saving me money in the long run!

One thing I've recently done is sign up for Wantable.  I decided that since I am working out diligently and don't want to treat myself to junk food, I would treat myself to cute work out clothes.  So, each month, I get a box from Wantable!  I love that I can try on the items at home, keep what I want and send back what I don't want.  Plus, it's so convenient to have someone else choose the items for me because I get things I wouldn't have chosen for myself, but really end up loving!  If you want to try it out, just sign up HERE.

Do you apply your capsule wardrobe to your work out clothes?  Am I the only one?  Let me know in the comments below!  And if you have a brand that you love, please share...I'd love to try out some new items as the weather is cooling off!

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