Pretty much everyone I know is concerned with aging well, but it's hard to keep up as beauty is always changing according to media and culture.  People want what YOU have when you look healthy and happy and young.  However, did you know that many of the products you use may be harmful to your health and even causing you to age faster?

Your skin is your largest organ and quickly absorbs everything it touches.  Toxins and petrochemicals soak into the skin and can cause horrible side-effects, even cancer!  I dare you to look at the back of every product in your bathroom and under your sink and in your pantry…look up each ingredient (one by one) on EWG to see what harm you are doing to your body.  
Most people don’t realize how dangerous these chemicals can be, but the research is there!  However, many people do know the dangers and try to buy natural options, but natural doesn't always mean natural!!!  Don't trust labels...always do your own research to see for yourself if it is truly and honestly natural and safe!  Oftentimes, the FDA doesn't regulate what goes into these products, so you need to.

Although I use and love Young Living Essential Oils for all my essential oils, household cleaning products, toiletries, supplements and more, they don't carry a full makeup line!  Because of this, I had to do my research and figure out what company I trust.  Beauty Counter is now my go to for makeup!  I am not a big makeup person, so I have very few items (kinda like my capsule wardrobe...wink wink).  However, when I do use them, I don't have to be concerned that I'm harming my body.  I also love that each of their items can be searched on the EWG site!


Do you have a go to makeup brand that is completely safe and all natural?  If so, I'd love to hear...especially if you have found a great mascara that you can recommend!


  1. There's cowgirldirt.com that's all natural. They even have a whole line of samples so you can try for a smaller price. Cute stuff, but sadly my eyes are so sensitive I couldn't even use their mascara. Everything else was fine though.

    1. Oh, I've heard of this brand but never tried it! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I use Tarte mascara in the wooden tube when I (rarely) wear eye makeup. It's the only thing my crazy sensitive eyes can tolerate. I use Too Faced for everything else. Some of their stuff gets good ratings on EWG, others not so much. I'm so sensitive I just have to go with what I can actually wear & not want to claw my face off!

    1. I have tried Tarte in the passed and really liked it!