It's true, the capsule wardrobe is not for everyone.  I get so many comments and questions about my this topic that I thought it would be a great time to do a pros and cons post.  In my case, the pros outweigh the cons...you'll have to decide what you think!


1.  It keeps my closet and drawers so organized.  I love for everything in my home to look neat, clean and in order, so naturally I love the capsule wardrobe.  Since there are so few items, it is really easy to stay on top of the clutter.  Imagine what your closet would look like if you got rid of everything that lost it's shape, has faded colors, doesn't fit or you feel uncomfortable wearing...you would only be left with a small amount of clothes, but they would be what you love and what looks great on you!

2.  It makes getting dressed so much simpler.  I only have a few items and love them all, so it is really easy to put together an outfit in the mornings!  Plus, this is great for a traveler...I basically just pack up my entire wardrobe when I go on trips, so there are no hard decisions on what to bring!  Imagine waking up and being happy when you get dressed, instead of the usual "I have nothing to wear" fight that goes on in your mind as you are rushing to get ready!

3.  It helps me to save money.  I only shop for shoes and clothes a few times a year and I only buy exactly what I am looking for at the time.  This means that there are no random shopping sprees and regrets.  Which also means, more money saved for traveling!  Imagine shopping a few times a year with a plan, getting items you will enjoy and not blowing your budget and feeling guilty later!


1.  There are fewer items in my closet.  So, getting creative with my outfits has to be done through my shoes, coats, scarves, purses and jewelry.  I like to keep things simple anyway, so this doesn't bother me.  But, if you like to change up your look each day, you would have to learn to do so with the extras (shoes, coats, etc...).  You never know, it could be a fun challenge!  And remember, don't let it bother you to be seen in the same outfit in the same week.  Who cares!  I bet no one will even notice and if they do, explain the capsule wardrobe and get them onboard too!

2.  There is more washing.  Right now, I am doing The Six Items Challenge, so I have been washing clothes about every 3 days.  However, normally I wash once per week.  It really depends on your own capsule wardrobe and how many items you choose to keep.  Keep more, less washing.  Keep less, more washing.  I still prefer to keep less, personally, because it means that I can choose nicer items!

3.  And on that note, clothes die sooner.  Since I wash my clothes more often, my clothes don't last as long.  Especially in the summer.  I am a big sweater and have to wash my tops and dresses after one wear.  So, by the time the weather begins to cool off, most of the tops I wore during the hot months are threadbare.  My dresses usually last two, sometimes three seasons. My shorts and jeans will last years and years because I don't wash these as often.  So, you can choose to buy lesser quality items and replace them each season, or fill your capsule wardrobe with high quality items that last longer!

So, what do you think...is the capsule wardrobe for you?  If you are already deep into it, is there a pro or con that I missed?  Let me know in the comments below!


  1. number 1 on the con list gets me every time. lol But I love the pros!

    1. haha You're getting better and better! Soon to be a pro!