Just a few days ago I wrote that Ironman and I had decided to give up Netflix.  Gasp.  Crazy, right? Well, we've gone 7 days and it's not been hard at all.  We've watched 2 movies together that we wanted to rent from iTunes, gone to the gym together, read books, talked more, had a leisurely dinner on our front porch and even gone on a walk one night.  It's been great!

However, I don't want to give the impression that Netflix is from the devil.  That's like banning guns because people get shot or spoons because people get fat or texting because people get unsocial.  No, I believe it's a constant choice to live in balance and make healthy choices.  Ironman and I needed a break from Netflix, but that doesn't mean that we are done forever or that we haven't really enjoyed it together in the past.  Over the years, we have actually had a lot of fun watching TV series together.  When we find a great series, we can't wait to watch another episode together.  We get food that we enjoy.  Fall in love with the characters.  Sing the theme song to each other with each new episode.  Talk about the story.  Learn new things.  We've actually had a blast watching some shows together over the years.  So, I want to share some of our absolute favorites:

My couch, a blanket, slippers and a good Netflix show.
LOST.  This was the first TV series that Ironman and I ever watched together from start to finish.  When we were dating, though our first few years of marriage, we would go over to my friend's house and watch each new episode with her.  It was a fun tradition and since it was before we had Netflix, we had to wait an entire week before seeing the next episode...torture!

MERLIN.  The friendship between Merlin and King Arthur was our favorite because it was always a good reminder that even a king is just a normal person with annoying friends.

X-FILES.  For months, this show kept us on our toes.  At some point, we got the names confused and have forever called them "Sculder and Mully" since.

WHITE COLLAR.  Neal Caffrey is so sly, but truly cares about his small circle of friends.  This show is completely responsible for Ironman and I becoming wine snobs.

GILMORE GIRLS.  And this show is completely responsible for us becoming coffee snobs.  Drama, drama, drama.  Fast talking.  Bad decisions.  Crazy relationships.  Good friends.  Can we move to Stars Hollow?  I actually watched this through with my mother in law first.  It was a blast!  Each night, when Ironman went to work, Ruth and I would snuggle up in the oversized chair in the office and watch several episodes.  We even went back to visit her when the new Gilmore Girls movie came out so that we could watch it together!

PRISON BREAK.  My eyes were closed for a good portion of the show because of all of the fights, but I loved the genius brothers.

THE OFFICE.  Do these people ever work?  No matter how much they drive each other crazy, they stick around and keep working together.  It's a great lesson on making the best of a bad situation...every single day.

STAR TREK (The Next Generation).  In case you haven't noticed, we like syfy.  I'm not sure what Ironman's reasoning is, but mine is that I like to watch something that I don't believe could really ever happen to me...like live in space, vampires, etc.  Many of these episodes are silly and pretty much all of them are terrible wardrobe and acting, but there's something about sitting down to watch something and knowing that it's good, old clean entertainment is much more relaxing some nights.

EUREKA.  This was like an updated version of X-Files.  The town of Eureka is full of geniuses who solve syfy type mysteries.

NORTH & SOUTH.  If you like Downton Abbey, you will most likely enjoy this 4 episode mini series.  It's the typical "main characters hate each other, learn to love each other and live happily ever after" type show.

SHERLOCK.  He's a genius.  He solves crimes.  And he has people who love him even though he's not easy to love.

DOWNTON ABBEY.  I can't say how much I loved this show and was sad to see it come to an end. I loved the way that they dressed, spoke and practiced such elegance and grace at almost all times.  They faced hard times and made hard decisions, but did so with much more style than I ever do.  Although I can't imagine a life like that, it sure was fun to try to while I watched those seasons.

THE CROWN.  We've watched one season so far and really enjoyed it since it reminds us a bit of Downton Abbey.  Beautiful clothes, wonderful manners, etc.  I also like that it's helped me learn a little bit about history!

...probably the only crown I'll ever wear
HEARTLAND.  Ironman never really got into this show, but I love it and have watched all the episodes mainly on my own.  There's something just so peaceful about watching this girl live on a farm and spend her days with people and animals she loves.  She is a hard worker.  She cares about her family.  She uses her time wisely.  Even the actress (in real life) says that she doesn't watch TV and barely uses a cell phone.  Watching this show always reminds me to live a real life (as I watch a tv show...haha...ironic).  I want to get outside and get fresh air daily.  Spend time eating dinner every night at the table with people that I love.  Work hard to take care of my own responsibilities.  I know that TV isn't really the best way to spend my time, but I do think that this show has been a good influence on me if that's possible!

WHEN CALLS THE HEART.  Cheesiest show ever, but simply sweet at the same time.  Every Sunday night, Ironman and I go over to Dan and Dee's house (a family friend) to watch this show together with them on Hallmark Channel.  We have snacks, catch up, laugh at the ridiculous parts and share shocked faces when we are surprised.  It's been a fun tradition.

There have been other shows that we have watched and liked, but this is the list of the ones that come to mind and bring back fun memories and time we spent together.  Let's be honest, we've had Netflix for so many years now, I can't remember everything we've watched so I'm probably leaving out something...like "Everybody Loves Raymond" (too late).  Although we are taking a break from Netflix, we would love an idea of what to try watching in the future...what's one that you love and would recommend we try?

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