My favorite thing to do after a long day, is to come home, slip on a simple nightgown, wrap up in my purple polka dot robe, put on my fuzzy slippers and cozy up on the leather couch (especially if Ironman is there).  Best feeling ever.  However, I don't like to just throw on anything.  Ever since I was in junior high, I have always chosen pajamas that are cute and matching so that I still look put together, even at night.  I know it's tempting to throw on old, worn-out sweats, but I think that it's beneficial to always look our best, especially at home with our families.

I'm in love with the Capsule Wardrobe, but not just for my everyday clothes.  I also enjoy branching out this idea to my shoes, scarves, purses, jewelry, makeup, hair care, outerwear, swimwear and even sleepwear!  The idea of the Capsule Wardrobe is to have fewer, better quality items that make you feel comfortable and confident in how you look.  It also cuts down on wasted time and money.  So, why not use this method with sleepwear also?

Personally I love nightgowns.  I never liked to wake up to my shorts or pajama pants twisted up around my waist and thighs.  Also I love the color grey.  It just seems like such a calming and relaxing color, perfect for sleep.  Throw a soft robe on top and I am set!  Although I don't wear my pajamas during the day, if I am home, my shoes are always left at my door and replaced by my slippers.  They are not only more comfortable than shoes, but it helps to keep the floors in the house cleaner!  Win win.

So, here are 5 reasons why I think you need to incorporate the Capsule Wardrobe into your sleepwear...

1.  SELF CARE.  Your family (or roommates) will see that you care about yourself.  If you have kids, think about how they are watching how you do or don't take care of yourself.  Also, I read somewhere a few years ago about how your spouse only has one wife (or husband), so make sure you're a cute one to look at!  I mean, since Ironman leaves the house before 7am, he only sees me in my pajamas in the morning.  And by the time he gets home at night, we are both putting dinner together, getting in our pajamas and settling in for the night.  So, I definitely want to wear cute pjs since that's what I tend to be wearing most often around Ironman!

2.  GOOD CHOICES.  It rids your drawers and closet of old, worn-out stuff so that you only have good options to choose from when changing out of your clothes at the end of the day.  I always look forward to getting rid of the old stuff and reorganizing because it gives me more room and helps my mind feel less cluttered!

3.  MORE CONFIDENCE.  You will feel more confident and will probably make better choices because of it...like not eating a gallon of ice cream while on a midnight Netflix binge and remembering to wash your make up off before bed.  You might even decide to cuddle up with your significant other and have some quality time.  I know that I make better choices when I feel good about how I look!

4.  WELCOMING HOST.  When someone randomly decides to stop by at a terrible hour, you won't freak out, since you'll be answering the door looking put together!  I know I know, not ideal to open the door in a fluffy purple robe.  But, I apologize for being in my robe, we laugh together and then I usually get complimented that my robe is cute.  So, not ideal...but not embarrassing like if I open the door looking like a hobo.

5.  BETTER SLEEP.  Pajamas are more comfortable than everyday clothes because they are usually made with lighter, more breathable fabric and often have a good bit of give in them.  I have had pajamas in the past that wake me up during the night because something is stretched too tight or got twisted up and around.  I know that when I am comfortable, I sleep much better! 

Taking time to wear decent pajamas doesn't have to be drastic or difficult.  Simply consider switching out your old sweats and t-shirts for a cute, but comfortable matching set like this one.  You can go get something at almost any department store or even online!  Or if you are like me and don't like pants or shorts, consider switching out an old baggy t-shirt for a simple, but pretty nightgown like this one.  It's so easy!

I'd love to hear if you are already incorporating the Capsule Wardrobe into your sleepwear!  If so, how do you handle fewer, but higher quality items in this area? What pieces are a must for you?

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