As you know, we love traveling!  Packing, however, is a different story.  I always plan to pack light, but then panic at the end and begin shoving things in "just in case".  Can you relate?  This is yet another reason why the capsule wardrobe is amazing.  The less choices we have, the less we pack.  And the more good options we have, the better we look.  It makes traveling so much easier.

So, you want some tips on packing with a capsule wardrobe?  Great!  Pull out that dusty suitcase, answer the questions below and then head over to your closet.

Where are you going?  Business trip?  Romantic getaway to Sandals?  Funeral?

What will the weather be like?  Cold?  Hot?  Rainy?  Muggy?

Who will you be with?  Just your husband?  A bunch of kids?  Your in-laws?  Girlfriends?

What type of activities will you be doing?  Sitting around with family?  Sight-seeing?  Relaxing by the pool?  Going out to fancy dinners?  Working out?

Will I have washer and drier access (for longer trips)?  

Now that you're standing in your closet, staring at your clothes, it's time to get started.  Choosing the right items is so important when traveling so that you are comfortable and feel confident.  It feels overwhelming because of all the "what if's" that could happen when you are away from home.  Just make sure to keep things simple so that you aren't busting at the seems when you arrive at your destination.

Here is my typical packing list (I try to only use my carry on when possible):
-underwear, bras and socks
-pjs (sometimes I throw in my bathrobe and slippers)
-one outfit per day
-exercise clothes (if you plan to work out)
-one pair shoes (try to bring just 1-2 pair that match everything and are comfortable)
-toiletries (ask your travel buddy to share some items so you aren't bringing two of everything)
-accessories (just like shoes, try to pack items that match everything)
-cell phone charger
-you may also need things like a bathing suit, raincoat, little black dress, heels, etc depending on the weather and your activities!

Just remember to be prepared, while also packing light!

The trick is to taking just enough so that you are comfortable, but not so much that you have things you don't even need.  I have to admit, I'm not great in this area.  I can pack light, but I usually don't use everything and am wishing for something that I didn't bring.  Ironman actually tells me that I always pack the wrong things for trips!  Haha.  Practice makes perfect, right?  You'd think after how much I travel, I would be a pro at this!  So, if you are still struggling in this area, don't beat yourself up over it.

What is one thing that you can't live without when you travel?

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