Capsule wardrobes are becoming more and more popular.  People are overwhelmed and seeing the benefits of living more of a minimalist lifestyle.  It's not just less stuff to own, but owning quality so that you always look and feel your best.  Your capsule wardrobe can include not only your clothes, but your pjs, workout clothes, shoes, makeup and even jewelry!

Have you ever worn a pair of cheap earrings and it was obvious?  Maybe your ears got red and itchy. Or maybe they even turned blackish green?  You might have even broken out in a rash!  Not pretty, right?

I went through a period where I really wanted lots of earrings and bracelets and necklaces to match all my outfits and colors.  Because I'm on a limited budget, that meant that I had to buy cheaper pieces.  Cheaper meant itchy ears, black skin and even rashes at times!  Plus, after a short time, the jewelry looked old and didn't keep it's color.  

Now, instead of spending $25 to buy 5 pairs of earrings, I'll take that $25 and buy one quality pair that I really love...like the ones in the photo above!  Yes, it means that I have less items, but the items I have hold up better.  

How about you?  Do you like to get lots of pieces at a cheaper price?  Or do you like to spend more to get a few pieces that are better quality?

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