Soooo...it's October 1st and today was close to 90 degrees!  But, in a few days, the high is said to be 62 degrees.  I go out in the mornings and I'm cold, but end up burning up by lunchtime.  I've been trying to work on my fall capsule, but didn't have much extra money to spend...plus, when I did shop, I honestly haven't found much! So I decided to use what I already have and make changes along the way.  So, I'll wear my older items and switch them out for newer items as I'm able.  Since the weather is crazy, I have lots of options for layering for the changing temperatures :).  I chose to do 37 items!

Here is my breakdown of my FIRST fall/winter Capsule Wardrobe...

Items 1 and 2: black and white tanks---I bought these white and black tanks from Target in 2011 to use for layering...they are actually from the maternity section becasue I like how they fit longer :).  The white tank isn't really white anymore, but I'm keeping it until I replace it.

Item 3: colorful flowy tank---I bought this second hand at the Recycled Rooster earlier this Spring.  I LOVE IT!!!!  I have to wear this teal solid tank under it and I don't use the teal tank for anything else...it's so old and bad looking that it can't be visible...so I count the two items as one :)

Item 4:  patterned tank---I bought this in August from Stitch Fix!!!  It's my favorite item right now :)

Item 5: blue and white striped shirt---I got this as a birthday present a few years ago from my mom…from TJMaxx.  I LOVE the cut and the color :)

Item 6: white and navy shirt---I got this shirt from my mom for my birthday a few years ago…from TJMaxx.  This shirt has some weird lining that won't stay tucked in at the neck...it's so aggrivating, but I'm keeping it until I can replace it :)

Item 7: white shirt---I got this from my mom for my birthday this year…from TJMaxx :).  Love the soft, stretchy fabric and the fit :)

Item 8:  navy flowy shirt---I bought this second hand at the Recycled Rooster earlier this spring.  I LOVE the comfortable fabric and the cute little buttons :) 

Item 9:  white shirt---I stole this from my moms closet a long time ago :).  Love it!

Items 10, 11 and 12---I bought these Cuddle Duds at SAMs a few years ago.  They are soft, warm and great for layering!

Item 13:  black sweater---I got this for my birthday from my mom a few years ago…from TJMaxx.  I LOVE it because it's soft, stretchy, has a long torso and arms and the cutest brass studds!!!!!!!!

Item 14: tan cardigan---I got this from my mom for my birthday years ago…from New York and Company.  It's all stretched out and has holes, but I'm keeping it until I can replace it :)

Item 15:  beige vest---I stole this from my moms closet a few years ago :).  I LOVE it and she can't have it back!

Item 16:  purple vest---I stole this from my baby sisters closet...sorry Lizzie, you can't have it back either!

Item 17:  pink vest---I got this for Christmas from my mom years ago…from Lands End :).  I have mostly used it to layer for exercising in the cold, but I'm going to try to wear it with my outfits!  The color in the photo isn't good, but it's a pretty pale pink :)

Items 18 and 19:  gray and dark green cardigans---I got these from my mom for my birthday and Christmas a few years back…from TJMaxx :).  I LOVE them because they are great for layering, traveling and they are warm and comfy!!!  The green one has a hole, but I'll mend it :)

Item 20: blue dress---My aunt cleaned out her closet and gave me this!  I LOVE the fit and the color :)

Item 21: navy blue dress---I got this as a birthday gift from my mom a few years ago…from TJMaxx.  I don't actually love how it looks on me and it is itchy, but I get compliments so I am keeping it until I can replace it :)

Item 22:  black skirt---I got this as a birthday gift from my mom this year…from TJMaxx!  Still haven't gotten the chance to wear it, but can't wait :).  It's got that soft warm material that will be perfect for cold weather!!! (update, I ended up returning it because I couldn't figure out what to wear it with).

Items 23, 24, 25 and 26:  Last year, I bought myself one of the jeans, the beige skinny pants and the black skinny pants :).  Last week, I bought the other jeans.  They are all from TJMaxx :)

Items 27 and 28:  brown flats and brown clogs---I bought the flats at Clark's a few years back and the clogs second hand at Recycled Rooster this past spring.

Items 29 and 30: wedge sandals and black suede pumps---I bought the black heels at Clark's last year and still haven't worn them!  I MUST wear them this year! I bought the wedges at Target this spring for a friends wedding.  I'm not into heels but these are both comfortable!!!

Item 31:  cowgirl boots---Nick bought me these for my 25th birthday!!!!!  I wear them almost everyday during the cold months...with pants, jeans, skirts and dresses!!!

Item 32:  red Toms---Nick bought me these for my 27th birthday...these are my go to shoes :)

Item 33:  fossil purse---I got this from Nicks step mom for Christmas a few years ago and still love it :).  It's perfect for when I have a lot to carry!

Item 34:  fossil purse---Nick gave this to me for Christmas during the same Christmas!  I still use and love this one too...it's perfect for when I have less to carry :)

Item 35:  scarves, leggings and tights---they count as one item :)

Item 36:  pea coat and raincoat---coats count as one item :)

Item 37:  jewelry---yep, one item :)

So, right now I'm wearing my jeans,  tanks and Toms a lot!  As it gets cold, I'll begin to layer with the sweaters, scarves, leggings, tights, cowgirl boots and eventually use my coats :).  Yes, most of my clothes have come from second hand stores, TJMaxx, gifts from my mom or even my mom and sisters closets :)  Also, I didn't count my underwear, pjs, workout clothes, dirty housework clothes or my favorite lay around the house sweatshirt...but, I still have made it a point to keep those items to a minimum in my attempt to have a more minimalist closet!

Tell me what you think!  Could you do a capsule wardrobe??!?!??!!!!?!?!

If you are interested in getting started, but don't know where or how to start, I suggest getting this book, Lessons from Madame Chic, and reading it!  There are tons of bloggers and authors out there that talk about Capsule Wardrobes, but Jennifer L Scott is my absolute favorite.  She spent time in Paris, learned valuable lessons, started her blog and eventually became an author.  She has been my favorite minimalist to follow since I got into all this craziness!

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