When we were kids, we were always asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?".  I've heard everything from bus driver to doctor to ballerina to missionary to Superman.  It's easy to dream when you're still young.  Adults think its cute and say things like "You'd make a great doctor because you're so smart!" or "You'd be an awesome Superman because you're so strong...show me those muscles!".  However, as we get older (and we're not so little and cute anymore), the world convinces us that it's not realistic to dream after all .  The answers begin to change...people say things like, "Well, that sounds nice, but do they offer good insurance?" or "That's interesting, but how would you save for retirement?".  Some people will even flat out tell you, "You should have a real job and you should work hard all the time...it's not meant to be fun".

I'm not saying we should make unwise decisions and live irresponsible lives, but what in the world happened to dreaming?!  When did "what I want to be when I grow up" become unrealistic?

So, I am going to give you five reasons why YOU need to create your own Bucket List RIGHT NOW...


Let's just start here.  It's your life.  It doesn't matter what other people think.  If you want to write a book, hike the Appalachian Trail, open a bed and breakfast, become a triathlete or even win the Guinness World Record for owning the most cats...it's your choice!  However, if you want to become Superman, that's probably not going to ever happen.  Sorry.  You only get one chance to make your life count.  Don't be that person on their deathbed who has regrets after realizing they never did anything they wanted to do.  


Whether you tell people or not, you have dreams.  You have things that you would love to do...go to the Super Bowl, adopt a child, open that business you've always wanted to own, etc.  The odds are that you will NEVER do any of them.  Sad.  Don't let that happen!  Go get a piece of paper and pen right now.  Write down your dreams.  You can even call them "goals" if you feel too silly to actually use the word "dreams"...haha.  Do you have just one thing you would love to do?  Or do you have 17?  It doesn't matter.  Write it down...each and every one.  Now, go put that somewhere you will see everyday like on the fridge, in your bible or taped to your laptop.  It's official.  You have a Bucket List!


Once you have written down your Dreams (or goals), you will clearly see your end goal.  You know where you want to end up.  But, you won't just end up there by magic.  It's going to take focused work, planning and sacrifice.  Each time you see your list of Dreams, you will be reminded of WHY you are hustling.  For instance, we want to go on a big road trip next summer, so I have a plan of how much money I need to save each month so that we are able to go!  You need a plan so that you are constantly working towards accomplishing your dream.  The journey is half the fun because you are thinking about and talking about something that excites you...you have something to look forward to. That alone can give you a much better outlook in other areas of your life!


Do you want your kids to dream and be confident that they can accomplish their goals?  Of course you do...let them watch and learn from you!  Do you want your friends to get stuck in a life they don't love?  I'm sure you don't...show them that they don't have to live that way!  Most of the world is just waking up, going to work, coming back home to get some sleep and doing it all over again (it's like the movie Groundhog Day, but the your movie ends when you die).  Most of them are not fulfilled.  Most of them are not dreaming.  Show your peers that it's good to dream!  Can you imagine what it would be like to go to work each day and be with a bunch of people who are excited and dreaming and talking of future plans together?!


Remember it's YOUR Bucket List.  You can change it any time.  Throw it out and start over, if you want!  Decide that you don't want to do something after all and just scratch it off the list.  There are no rules.  It's your life...make it count!  Write down your dreams and start hustling.  You are the only one who can hold you back.

Now, just because I'm nosey...tell me just one thing (at least) that you have on your new Bucket List!


  1. I love the idea of writing bucket lists. I've written so many! lol I need to write them and put it up somewhere where I can see it everyday. Someone mentioned once that they write monthly bucket lists of all the things they'd like to accomplish that month. I like that idea bc it's more likely that you'll do them and not let the month just pass you by. But then you also need a long term one for other things like learning a language. Can't learn that in a month! haha I wish though. Something that would be on my bucket list is to one day be my own boss. :)

    1. Hey!!! I do monthly goals too! I like to know what I want to accomplish each month so that I know whether I used that month well :) I do 5 year, 1 year and 30 day goals!!! I know that you are working hard and believe that you will one day be your own boss!

  2. Yes! I so agree with this!!! It's so crucial to have a bucket list to stay motivated towards completing goals. And like EmilyL said, I keep a short-term bucket list (to be completed in the next few months) and a long-term bucket list (to be completed before I die!). Having both keeps me grounded in the here-and-now while also planning for the future. Thanks for the great read!

    xo, Amanda

    1. I just read your bucket lists and love them! I have never considered doing short term and long term since I just throw it all together. I do 5 year, 1 year and 30 days, but I like how you have it all set up on your blog! And your bucket lists are amazing...I feel like I need to up my game now!!! haha