Ever since we got married, Ironman and I have joked that we are basically one person in two bodies.  We love to spend time together and never get sick of each other.  We've driven across the country for a month and even lived in a tiny cabin on a ship for six months (and still missed each other if we were apart).  Date nights are easy because one of us will say "I'd really like to eat at ____" and then the other one of us will say "Oh my gosh, I was getting ready to suggest that place too".  Same thing when trying to choose a movie to watch together.  Or even how to spend our free time.  You name it.  But, then I've thought that maybe it's not that we're just alike...but maybe we are just happy to do anything, as long as we're together.  Whatever it is, I know that Ironman is most definitely my better half and all these years spending time together has taught me some good lessons.


No matter who the person is, Ironman is genuinely kind.  He is friendly to everyone and always treats each person like they matter (because they do!).


On the same note as "being kind", Ironman is also very good at forgiving others, no matter how they choose to treat him.  Because he is so kind, I think that it can be easy for people to believe that they can take advantage of him.  Instead of holding a grudge though, Ironman simply forgives, moves on and continues to treat people the way he wants to be treated.


I've always said that Ironman and I are good fighters.  We are honest and open with each other, get it all out, fight about it, listen to each other and then say "I'm sorry".  It's a great way to do it because once we are done, it's done.  No need to bring it back up in the future.


I admit it...I can be lazy.  I get overwhelmed and give up pretty easily at times.  Ironman is the opposite.  He work's hard and when I ask "how do you do it?", he answers back with something like, "you just have to push through".  That sounds so easy...until you actually try it.  I love that he does hard things.


Yea and to follow up on "work hard", Ironman never complains.  Seriously.  He works hard all day and then comes home and works on our fixer upper and then makes time to train for his triathlon and still spends time with me and our family and friends and travels with me and on and on and on!  He gets tired.  He gets stressed.  Yet, he never complains.   Never.


My family is crazy, our life is always an adventure and I tend to be an emotional roller-coaster.  Let's just say, Ironman is probably the most patient person I've ever met in my life.


Even when he is tired, Ironman always puts other people first.  He takes time to make sure that everyone else is comfortable and have what they need, even if it means that he misses out.


And last but not least, Ironman is a great listener.  He takes time with people and doesn't interrupt or make them feel rushed to finish talking.  He is focused on the person and not on his iPhone or other distractions.

I mean, no one is perfect...but Ironman comes pretty close.  And he is perfect for me...in all the areas where I struggle, he's a pro.  I admire him, continue to learn so much from him and always wonder how in the world can a person turn out so well?


  1. This. Is. Precious! You two seem so darling and perfect together. :) I think learning how to fight well is so important, too! You could write a whole post on that I bet.

    xo, Amanda

    1. Aw Thank you! And, probably true about the post on fighting...haha!!!