31 - 31 - 31

It's August.  My birthday month.  I love my birthday.  And Christmas.  They are basically the happiest days in my entire year.  So, since I love them so much, I usually drag them out as long as possible (or until my family has had enough).  Obviously, this means that my birthday must last the ENTIRE month of August and Christmas begins the day AFTER Halloween.  So, Christmas is really two months.  That means 3 full months of my favorite celebrations each year.  This year, my birthday is EXTRA special though because I'll be 31 on the 31st...so, I'm celebrating by putting together a list of 31 things I'd like to accomplish before I turn into a pumpkin (however, on September 1st, I'll begin to prepare for my next birthday anyway, so its really always a win win).

Here's my list:

1.  Date with Ironman
2.  Date with Daddy...this also involves riding around looking his construction job sites
3.  Date with Momma
4.  Date with Yahyee
5.  Date with Magpie
6.  Date with Lizzie

*if you are totally confused at this point and wondering how/why I get so many dates, it's because our family tradition is that if its your birthday, everyone in the family takes you out for a special breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and/or coffee date...so, I basically harass my family until I've got them all penciled in!

7.  Run 31 miles (yea, I hate running, but this is supposed to challenge me right?)
8.  Go for a swim
9.  Enjoy a bike ride
10.  Send a thoughtful note to a friend

Celebrating my 21st Birthday...well, that decade just flew by!

11.  Cook 1 new dinner recipe (I guess I'll have to waste time on Pinterest)
12.  Bake 1 new dessert recipe
13.  Read a book for business
14.  Do 31 crunches each day
15.  Drink 31 gallons of water
16.  No pizza (I'm probably going to die)
17.  No Netflix (Yea, I'm dead)

*I had to break the news to Ironman that I wasn't going to do Pizza or Netflix for 31 days, since this also affects him.  He took it like a champ (because he's Ironman).

18.  Try a new class at the gym
19.  Pay for a strangers coffee
20.  Give away 31 items
21.  Spend a day at the beach
22.  Try a new restaurant
23.  Write down 31 things I'm thankful for
24.  Get someone to take a good photo of me
25.  Read Proverbs
26.  Do something adventurous

Last year my adventurous thing was chopping off
and donating a foot of my hair!

27.  Blog at least 2 times per week
28.  Read a book for pleasure
29.  Do 31 pushups each day
30.  Pick one thing to pray for and do it each day
31.  Treat myself to a pamper day

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