Bucket List

1.  do a ONE YEAR trip around the world
2.  step foot in all 7 continents
4.  go Paddle Boarding
5.  spend a summer backpacking Asia
8.  cross the finish line of a Half-Marathon
9.  then do the same in a Marathon
10.  win an IRONMAN competition (this is Nick only, of course)
11.  spend a summer backpacking Europe
13.  tour the Greek isles
14.  adopt a child who needs a family
15.  go see the architecture in Germany
16.  write a book and become a published author
20.  go to Canada
21.  vacation in the Florida Everglades
22.  swim in the Gulf
23.  fly first class internationally
24.  buy a house in CA$H
26.  live on a boat
27.  go wine tasting in Napa Valley
28.  build and live in a Tumbleweed Tiny House
29.  take in the sights on an Alaskan Cruise
30.  relax on a Mediterranean Cruise
31.  ride in a helicopter
32.  become great parents
34.  spot The Little Mermaid in Denmark
35.  explore the Australian Outback
36.  smell the flowers in Holland
37.  hit Royal Crown Diamond with Young Living Essential Oils
38.  swim in Blue Lagoon, Iceland
39.  see a game at each Major League Baseball Stadium
40.  pay off our 30-Year-Mortgage sooner than 30 Years
42.  go island hopping in the Faroe Islands
43.  sip wine in Spain
44.  ski in the Swiss Alps
45.  see the Northern Lights
46.  stand on the equator
47.  stay in an over-water villa in Bora Bora
48.  watch the sunrise at Machu Pichu
49.  eat pizza in Italy
50.  see the pyramids in Egypt
51.  catch a last minute flight to a random destination
52.  go to the World Series
53.  be interviewed on national TV
54.  go to a Ball
55.  stay overnight in an ice hotel
56.  shower in a waterfall
57.  go horseback riding on the beach
58.  celebrate New Year's Eve in NYC
59.  visit Stonehenge
60.  live in a foreign country
61.  ride an airboat (and don't fall off)
62.  fly in a hot air balloon
63.  stay in the igloo village in Finland
64.  go on an African Safari
65.  go surfing on sand dunes
66.  vacation at a Sandals Resort
67.  cliff jump into the ocean
68.  get a massage on a secluded beach
69.  spend the night in a castle
70.  attend the Olympics
71.  ride a Gondola in Venice
72.  see the Roman Colosseum
73.  take a stroll on the Great Wall of China
74.  visit the Taj Majal
75.  swim with Dolphins
76.  go Couchsurfing
77.  participate in a polar bear plunge
78.  ride in a submarine
79.  visit the Sydney Opera House
80.  visit Easter Island
81.  see Niagara Falls
82.  vacation in Fiji
83.  camp in Yosemite
84.  see Cape Town
85.  go to Atlantis Resort
86.  go on a Caribbean cruise
87.  go skinny dipping
88.  go see and compare Brazil's Christ Redeemer to Bolivia's Cristo
89.  take a tour of Petra : Jordan
92.  tube down a river
93.  go white water rafting
94.  visit every state
95.  stay a week in NYC and see a broadway musical each night
96.  go to a professional ballet
97.  get a Tattoo
98.  hike the Inca Trail
99.  go on a ghost tour in Savannah
102.  go rapelling
103.  see the Grand Canyon
104.  find and buy that perfect leather jacket
105.  own a pair of Cowgirl boots
106.  float in the Dead Sea
107.  ride a camel
108.  go to the top of the Eiffle Tower
109.  learn to surf
110.  dye my hair purple
111.  speak to a crowd of 1000 people
112.  support a child overseas
113.  chop off and donate my hair
114.  create our own website
115.  learn to record and edit videos to post on YouTube
116.  own our own home
118.  live in Greenville, SC
119.  set up a Little Library in my front yard
120.  create a backyard oasis with a pool, hot tub, guest house, patio, umbrellas, outdoor furniture, christmas lights, grill and beautiful landscaping
121.  see Giant's Causeway
122.  see castles in Scotland
123.  get my nose pierced (this is Emily, of course, haha)
124.  buy a camper and take a year to road trip around the USA and Canada 
125.  USA Road Trip (loop to the West Coast)
126.  take Ironman to Bolivia, my childhood stomping ground
127.  pay off Ironman's student loans
128.  play Professional Baseball (this was Ironman, not me…in case you were wondering…)
131.  scream my head off while zip-lining through the trees
132.  bike the Swamp Rabbit Trail
133.  attend Christmas at Biltmore
134.  stay at an all inclusive spa resort for a week and sign up for everything
135.  go on a horse draw carriage ride
136.  become a sponsored blogger
137.  go rock climbing
138.  see a musical in NYC
139.  go to a Clemson football game
140.  work at Disney (Magic Kingdom and MGM Studios)
141.  tour the Holy Land
142.  go snowboarding
143.  ride on the most dangerous road
144.  see the Redwoods
145.  see Yellowstone
146.  tour the Biltmore
147.  start camping together every fall
148.  go to Hawaii

So, tell us what's on YOUR Bucket List!


  1. That's soo fun Emily and Nick! I'm soo happy for you guys and glad I found your blog!

  2. Awesome! I have "run a half-marathon" and "write a book" on my bucket list too! Great stuff.

    xo, Amanda

    1. You have some amazing bucket lists on your blog! I might have to steal some of your ideas because I felt a little Bucket List jealousy coming on! haha. What type of book are you thinking of writing?!?!