Bucket List

entire USA + marathon + backpack Europe
adopt + published author + thru-hike the Appalachian Trail 
debt free + Napa Valley + Tumbleweed Tiny House + Mediterranean Cruise 
Royal Crown Diamond + Blue Lagoon + ski in the Swiss Alps + Viking River Cruise
Northern Lights + over-water villa + Machu Pichu + pyramids in Egypt
ice hotel + horseback riding on the beach + Stonehenge + Christmas at Biltmore
hot air balloon + African safari + Sandals Resort + cliff jump into the ocean
Olympics + Gondola in Venice + Roman Colosseum + get my nose pierced
go zip-lining + Great Wall of China + Taj Majal + polar bear plunge + Easter Island
Fiji + Yosemite + Atlantis + Petra : Jordan + a week in NYC + professional ballet
Sydney Opera House + ghost tour + Little Library + backyard oasis

Greek isles + fly first class + USA Road Trip + Canada + Paddle Boarding
Florida Everglades + Color Run + Blue Ridge Parkway + live on a boat
Alaskan Cruise + ride in a helicopter + Washington DC + Faroe Islands
stand on equator line + ride on an airboat + surf the ocean + surf sand dunes
spend the night in a castle + Niagara Falls + Caribbean Cruise + skinny dipping
tubing + white water rafting + skiing + snowboarding + get a tattoo
Hike the Inca Trail + repeling + rock climbing + Grand Canyon + cowgirl boots
Dead Sea + ride a camel + Eiffel Tower + donate hair + dye it purple
own a home + Giant’s Causeway + Castles in Scotland + pay off Ironman’s student loans
take Ironman to Bolivia + bike Swamp Rabbit Trail 
horse drawn carriage + sponsored blogger + NYC + work at Disney + Redwoods
Yellowstone + Biltmore + Yungas Road + Holy Land + Hawaii
So, tell us what's on YOUR Bucket List!


  1. That's soo fun Emily and Nick! I'm soo happy for you guys and glad I found your blog!

  2. Awesome! I have "run a half-marathon" and "write a book" on my bucket list too! Great stuff.

    xo, Amanda

    1. You have some amazing bucket lists on your blog! I might have to steal some of your ideas because I felt a little Bucket List jealousy coming on! haha. What type of book are you thinking of writing?!?!