On August 1st, I posted about 31 things that I wanted to do before my 31st birthday on August 31st.  Yes, that's today and it's my birthday.  Best day ever.  Happy Birfday to me!!!  One of the things that I wanted to do this month was write down one thing each day that I felt thankful for.  I am naturally discontent and although I don't always want "more" (because I love living simply), I do usually want "better".  However, I want to remind myself that even if I don't get more things or better things, I already have everything that I need.  Here are the things that I wrote down:

I am thankful for...

1.  Grandma's Bible
2.  morning walks on the beach

3.  money to do fun things like go see a movie with a friend
4.  my volvo
5.  coming home to Ironman each day
6.  a home that's our own

7.  bike rides on the rail trail
8.  this blog :)
9.  a comfortable bed
10.  my essential oils business
11.  our family beach house
12.  friends that I can count on

Photo by Katy Faith Photography
13.  running water, electricity, internet
14.  days to rest and relax
15.  warm air in the mornings
16.  a washer and drier inside my house
17.  plenty of food to eat and clean water to drink
18.  the toilet that is now in my new bathroom
19.  being able to shower in our new bathroom
20.  my family

21.  a church where people love me
22.  a healthy body so that I am able to be active
23.  clothes to wear
24.  cooler weather in the mornings
25.  waking up early with Ironman
26.  my porch swing

27.  women in my life to learn from
28.  a good night's sleep
29.  Buddy, the bulldog

30.  our nice gym
31.  another year of life

What is something that you are thankful for right now???  I'd love to hear in the comments below!

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