Downtown Greenville is probably my favorite place in all of South Carolina.  

Luckily Ironman is from Greenville and so each time we go up there to visit family, we try to make sure we get in a little bit of time downtown.  I love to go walk around and sit in Falls Park.  I could quietly people watch all day long.

Parking is free on the weekends, so we usually park in a garage up near the top of Main Street where the Mast General Store, Anthropology and other places I love are found.  There are tons of restaurants to choose from if you'd like to get a bite to eat. But, if you just want something to cool down or warm up (depending on the crazy weather), there is a Starbucks perfectly positioned across from the park entrance!

When I started dating Ironman and visited Greenville for the first time, I noticed these cute little mice sculptures in discrete places as we walked down Main Street.  Click HERE to read more about the Mice on Main.  At one point, we searched and found all nine of them and I still point them out to Ironman when I see them again.  If you have kids, this would be a fun family scavenger hunt to do along with the book!

Another fun thing to do Downtown is Ice Skate!  Not gonna lie, I have yet to do it.  Each year, I tell Ironman that I want to go Ice Skating in Downtown Greenville when the weather gets cold and each year we say that we are going to do it.  You know what holds us back?  $10.  Yep, just $10.  Now that I say that, it seems so sad.  So, this winter, I am going to do my best to actually cross that off of my Bucket List!  Maybe I will even blog about it...haha.

Even if you don't want to Ice Skate, there are so many weekends where they close off Main Street to cars and have some type of event!  Art, food, races, etc...there is always something fun going on!  We have even seen a couple guys kayaking down the falls over and over and over one afternoon.  It was a little nerve wracking to stand there, watching and hoping that they didn't hit their heads on those rocks!

In the center of the park, The Liberty Bridge is actually something pretty special.  The design is unique because it looks like its floating in the air and makes you wonder how it actually doesn't collapse.  Although I'm sure it's safe, it's also a little freaky to walk over because you can feel yourself bouncing up and down with the bridge as it moves!

And this tree.  I just love it.  The Medusa Tree is at the top of Falls Park, on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  I'm always shocked when strong winds don't blow trees over.  I'll sit in my living room, watching it storm and be sure that a nearby tree is going to come crashing down through my roof.  But, it's because I can't see the roots that are holding those trees in place.  This is such a great reminder when life is tough.  I want to grow "deep roots" in Christ so that when (not if) there are storms in my life, I am not blown over.

This is the best seat in the house.  Since there are not as many park benches and swings as there are people, you count yourself lucky if you snag one.  Ironman and I will sit and watch people, until they get up to leave, and then make a run for their seat.  No shame.  Well, usually I'm running (or speed walking like my life depends on it) and Ironman is walking like normal behind me.  I guess he doesn't have to stress out and hurry because he knows I will!

Just above the park is the Governor's School.  Every now and then, we have been at the park when the students will come down and do plays on the outside stage.  It's fun to bring a picnic, sit on the grass and enjoy watching.

Although my favorite is the park, I do love the rest of the Downtown.  There are plenty of restaurants and shops to keep you entertained all day long.

Of all of the shops, the Mast General Store is my favorite.  Each time I go in there I want to splurge on cool shoes and comfy clothes, the unique jewelry and all the camping gear.  It always makes me want to go on a big trip where I live out of my backpack and travel the world or camp all over the country.  They have a lot of natural products and neat things for the kitchen, but most of all, I love their old fashioned candy.  You just grab a green basket, fill it up to get that sweet tooth fix, weigh it and pay.  It's convenient to be able to pick just one piece of each of your favorite candies, instead of having to buy the entire bag.

Since the first time I went to Downtown Greenville in 2006, they have already made tons of improvements.  Each time we go, we see something new.  Right now apartments are popping up all over the place and I would absolutely love to live there.  Living downtown just seems like it would be a dream, especially since I love walking everywhere and I miss the big city life!

Where is your favorite place?  I'd love to know...I'm always looking for my next getaway!

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