People are often afraid to put themselves out there and end up waiting forever to do something because they believe they aren't "good enough" or don't have a degree or don't have 10K followers on Instagram.  I hear so many people say "when this happens" or "when that happens" then I'll do (fill in the blank).

But, why wait?  Everyone has gifts and talents.  And everyone has things they love doing.  The question is how can you use your gifts and talents to do what you love and help others at the same time?

For example, people have always told me that I am a good writer.  I also love writing.  So, I decided to start doing a blog!  This is the thing, though...that didn't mean that my blog was awesome from day one.  Nope.  I look back at old posts and I'm shocked at how much my writing has changed!  But, what if I had waited until I was a "real" writer?  I would never have started my blog.  How sad!

Another thing people tell me I'm good at is organizing.  I also love organizing!  So, I often am called by friends and family to come to their homes and help clean out, straighten up and organize!  That doesn't mean that I'm going to be the next Kon Mari, but it does mean that I can have fun helping those around me!

What is something that you have been complimented on?  Is it something that you also love doing?

Because people are so different, it means that we all have different strengths.  You may a fashionista, but someone else may be an amazing cook.  Or you may be an excellent runner, but someone else may be great at sitting with a friend who needs a listening ear.  You may be a great photographer, but someone else may be a great mother.  You may be a great traveler, but someone else may be an amazing landscaper.

You don't have to be the best to do your best.  You don't have to have a degree to make a difference.  Compared to someone else who isn't as knowledgeable in an area you love, you will appear to be the pro on that topic!  So, don't wait until you've got that certificate, or stamp of approval, or amount of followers, or career with 6 figures...if you're even a little good at something and you love it, enjoy it and share it with others!  Just imagine what things we could accomplish together if we all did that.

I love reading and suggesting books to friends, so here's one for you...The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John Mann is short, easy to read and goes along perfectly with what I am talking about in this post!

So, what is your thing?  What are you good at?  What do you love?  How can you use that to help others?  Share it with us in the comments!

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