My friend Lisa had time off of work for vacation and said that she wanted to help me paint my front door.  Can't argue with that!  I had already put putty in the holes the night before, so Lisa and I got started by removing the hardware, sanding, priming and finally put on two coats of turquoise paint!




Ready to Paint!

Stopped by the Paint Store for some Riviera Paradise!

Primer first...it was a little brighter than the actual color.

LOVED it immediately!

It only took one coat of primer!

With two people to do one door and plenty of primer left, we decided we might as well throw in the back door too!  

Sanding the back door was MUCH more work than the front had been.

Primer is done!

1st coat goes on...see how it's a little darker than the primer?

Priming the back door.

2nd coat is on front door!

After...LOVE IT!!!
Isn't it crazy how just a little paint made the front of my house look completely different?  I'm so happy that my pots match perfectly too!

Since we are living in a Fixer Upper, there are always projects that need to be done.  Do you have something that you want to paint or a project that you 'd like to get started?  

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