We ALL have things that we enjoy, but how many of us actually take time to recognize them and enjoy them?!?!?!  Responsibilities take over and our busy lives control us.  Years go by and we don't realize that we never make time to simply enjoy what we love!!!

A few months back, I wrote down a list of all the things that I really love (my favorites) and have been trying to be more intentional about being thankful for these things!  I want to learn to be content with what I have, instead of wish my life away for bigger and better!  So, here is my list...

1.  Ironman.  Need I say more?

2.  My Le Creuset Caribbean Blue pot and pan.  Each time I cook or bake with them, I feel like my mood is lifted just because the color is so happy!

3.  My iPhone.  It helps make life so much simpler because I use it as my Calendar, Camera, Watch, Map, Notebook, Calculator, Timer, Kindle, Mail, Address Book and for all the Apps that I use and love.  Plus, since I work online, I can work anywhere in the world (which is good for a traveler) as long as I have my phone and wifi!

4.  Basically anything purple, fuzzy or fluffy.  Ironman lately said that I was like the princess and the pea because I have to be comfortable all the time.  This is true!  And most likely why I love fall so much.  It's the time of year when I get to wrap myself up in my purple polka dot bathrobe and walk around the house in my snowflake slippers.  I get to drink my weight in hot tea and cuddle up on the couch with my favorite throws.  I love the cold weather because of the coziness that it brings!  So, while I'm at it, I might as well make sure everything is purple.  It's just such a feminine and flattering color!  

5.  Working out at the gym...errr... relaxing in the gym sauna.  The sauna is a great place to get some alone time.  It is warm, dark and quiet.  I love to go and relax inside for about 30-45 minutes.  I come out so calm.  Plus, it gives me time to think through and sort through things going on in my head, so I feel like I've cleared my mind.  Check out my post, 4 Reasons You Should Enjoy The Sauna.

6.  Hallmark Christmas Movies.  Another reason why I LOVE fall is because it is bringing in the best time of year.  Holidays full of food, family, fun and lots of Hallmark Christmas Movies.  I just can't wait!

7.  My Birkenstocks.  These are the best shoes.  I wear them with shorts, skinny jeans and dresses and always feel put together.  The silver color matches everything.  And I love that they aren't just cute, but they are comfy.  This is the perfect shoe for a traveler.  

8.  My Frankincense essential oil.  Aka, liquid gold.  Seriously.  This stuff is amazing.  Boost your mood.  Stay well.  Get clear, bright skin.  Stay calm and collected.  Rest well.  Get rid of wrinkles.  Maybe we should just call this "The Fountain Bottle of Youth"!!!  If I could only choose one essential oil (and that would be torture), I would choose Frank.

9.  My pearl earrings.  I love how these are so simple and go with anything.  Plus, my mom brought them to me from Bangladesh, so they are also sentimental.  I really enjoy seeing someone's outfit with the perfectly matching costume jewelry.  But, there is just something special about wearing the same, simple, sentimental pieces each day.  I just love it.

10.  My sunglasses.  I DO NOT leave the house without my sunglasses.  Ever.  Ironman says that I'm like a vampire because I only like to come out on overcast days or at night.  Otherwise, if I do come out, it's with my sunglasses on.  The sun is just so bright, I can barely stand it.  I always say that I should leave in Europe or somewhere thats dreary all the time...that's the type of weather I love! 

It's your turn...tell us a few of your favorite things!


  1. I'm terrible too!

    I love painting my nails, thrift store shopping, taking baths, making crafts, reading, I'm going to work on this too! !!

    1. It's so funny how we all like different things! Did you read the fringe hours last month in our book club?

    2. Anything I can do with my Grandchildren. Playing with my Grandpup (I wasn't even a dog person, but am slowing being swayed), time spent with friends, baking, Sun, Surf and a Beach, quiet time, a can't put it down book.

    3. That's great!!!!!!!! I am sometimes a dog person...depends on the dog :)