You know when you are in college and you are always meeting new friends?  I remember one specific time when I met someone new.  We were introducing ourselves and trying to see if we had mutual friends, blah blah blah.   Only a few minutes into our conversation and she said, "Oh yea, you're the girl on campus that wears all that purple all the time."  I was so stunned that I think I just did the deer in headlights look at her and watched as my life flashed before my eyes.

I thought about her words and how I usually walked around campus wearing:

a.  my favorite pair of purple Crocs that Ironman had given me
b.  my favorite purple LLBean backpack that my mom had given me
c.  my favorite purple Northface coat that my mimi had given me
d.  all of the above AT THE SAME TIME (and without shame...I mean, go big or go home, right???)

My favorite purple flowers from my yard this year!

Me in one of my favorite purple dresses!  Ironman took this photo of me when we
visited the Kalmia Gardens in Hartsville, SC in 2006.

I spotted my future car in town this past Spring.  Jk.  Kinda.  Maybe.
But seriously...I'll take it.

Me in my favorite purple Northface jacket...this photo is from 2007
on the Francis Marion University Campus!  Aren't we cute little students???

It probably took 0.0937485th of a second for me to realize "I have built a reputation...I am THAT crazy purple lady".

Me in my purple bedroom in 2006...side note, I was headed to a New Years dress up party
and did NOT dress like that on a normal basis...haha!

While growing up, I always had a purple bedroom.  In my 20s, I got a purple tattoo.  Just a few weeks back, I chose a grey color for our newly renovated bathroom, but it accidentally turned out purple instead and I love it! Purple clothes, accessories, items in my home...can I get a purple car?  And can I get a purple chair, just for me that's sort of like my own personal at-home throne?  No, I'm not exaggerating.  I can't get enough of purple.  I just see the color and instantly feel happy.

Don't let that smile fool you...I was freaking out inside.

So, for my birthday last month, I decided that the obvious answer was to dye my hair purple.  I have actually been thinking about it for about a year and "shopping" on Pinterest for my favorite look.  No matter how bad I had wanted to do this, I was still pretty terrified.  Luckily I had a good friend who was patient with me and helped me get a new look that I love!

But this right here is the smile of one happy girl...no freaking out necessary!

What about you...do you have something that you absolutely love that you can't get enough of?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Oh, by the way...my friend Emily over at Just Because just featured me today in her snapshots post!  Last week she came over and took some photos of me and I answered a few of her questions!  You should head over to her blog and check it out...plus, she took way cool photos of my new purple hair :)

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