I declared yesterday an "only us" day and told Ironman that we were going on an adventure.  After an hour of us googling ideas and browsing Pinterest, we finally decided on Lynches River County Park.  It's crazy that we have lived here all these years and have never gone, even though it's only 20 minutes from our home!

The park has cabins, canoes, fishing, a campground, trails, shelters, picnic tables, a riverwalk, a splash pad and lots of family friendly events going on all the time.  What I was most interested in, though, was the Canopy Walk. 

There were 3-4 sections of the swinging bridge about 50 feet off of the ground.  It wasn't too scary, unless you are afraid of heights!

And it was a great reminder that kids aren't afraid of anything.  As I am carefully walking and holding on and keeping my balance, the kids around were running, jumping and banging their feet against the bridge as hard as they could to make it swing like crazy.  One kid ran by, as his parents screamed for him to stop...I asked him, "You're not scared, are you?" and he said "Yes".  I just laughed and decided he must have meant afraid of his parents.

I was happy that this was so short, until I got to the end and decided that I was really enjoying myself.  Ironman and I both said that our next canopy adventure needs to be zip lining through some forest!  Isn't there a place to do that in North Carolina?

After the Canopy Walk, we headed over to see Lynches River.  It is so dark and muddy!  Let's just say, I would NOT want to fall in.  Think of all the muck and snakes and alligators and who knows what else is in there!  We came a little too late to get in the water, though, so we will have to come back for that another day.  On Saturdays, if you come by 9am, you can get a canoe for the day, float down the river and stop off at a nearby beach for a picnic!

We didn't bring our bug spray and began to get eaten up while sitting still, so we decided to take in the River Walk.  It was quiet and well shaded, so we just took our time.

Everywhere we looked there were interesting bugs, speedy lizards and strange tree bark.  

This area had little ponds full of iridescent water.  Depending on where you looked, the water was green, orange or black and had a shiny glint to it.  We weren't sure if that was normal or if there was something wrong with the water.  Maybe it was polluted?

Lynches River County Park is a great place to rent a cabin or camp for a restful weekend, or take a leisurely float down the river, use one of the shelters to host a cookout or party or even to just walk around to enjoy the quiet.  We will definitely be back to enjoy the bike trails and river!

So, since we are Canopy Walk experts at this point, do you know of another one close by that we should go visit?

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