Over the past few weeks my skin has really improved!  I'm not a naturally toned and tan person, so I decided that I have to work with a got...kinda squishy, marshmallowy white skin.  One thing I know is that when I see people who have glowing skin, they look younger and healthier.  So, in light of summer quickly approaching, I've been trying out a few new tricks to see if I could get that glow too!

Here is what my current routine looks like:

1.  Start the bathwater and pour in 1 cup of epsom salt with essential oils.
2.  Step into the shallow water and dry brush my entire body while the tub fills.
3.  Sit down and soak while I read a few chapters in a book.
4.  Get out, dry off and rub in my Cel-Lite Magic Massage oil (everywhere but my face and neck).
5.  Drink at least 70 ounces of water throughout the day to help with all the detox.

And you know what?  I can honestly say that my skin has improved!  Even Ironman has commented that my skin looks better than all the years he's known me...I promise I'm not lying, you can ask him (he could just be buttering me up for extra brownie points, though).  Let me tell you what I have noticed:

1.  My skin is much softer and my "chicken skin" has disappeared.
2.  My skin is a more even color and some older, dark scars are diminishing.
3.  My skin has more moisture to it and I don't have to use as much Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil as I did when I first began (my skin was so thirsty, it just soaked it right up for days).
4.  My blemishes and breakouts on my back are gone.
5.  My skin feels and looks more alive (probably from the daily dry brushing).
6.  My cellulite has significantly improved.
7.  My skin looks and feels noticeably tighter, especially around my thighs, hips, lower tummy, love handles and bottom.

Let's just say, I like my routine and I'm sticking to it!  I'm really happy with the results and highly recommend this to anyone who feels like your skin could use a "face lift".

The epsom salt and essential oils bath soak, plus the dry brushing are both amazing ways to detox.  There is so much more that they can do, however.  You should really take some time on google or Pinterest to research the benefits of both.  You'll be amazed.

And as for the Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil, it's amazing.  I just replaced my daily lotion with it and have already ordered a second bottle because I'm sold.  Something I read a while back talked about grapefruit being a good snack because it's a fat burning food.  Cel-Lite Magic has grapefruit.  Ding ding ding.  Plus, a few years back Ironman read where men who smelled grapefruit on a woman, would typically guess that woman to be 6 years younger than her actual age.  Looks like this is your sign.  Get some of that magic oil right HERE.  Leave my enroller (1570543) and sponsor (1570543) ID numbers in the boxes so that I can be your go to girl for all things oils!  Trust me, you'll be bikini ready in no time.

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