Fitness has never been my favorite hobby, but the older I get, the more I'm convinced that I just have to make it a habit.  Over the last few months, it's actually gotten easier!  And last week, for the first time, I wanted to exercise to relieve some tension.  Once I realized what I had done, I felt proud of myself and couldn't believe how far I've come.

Hiking Koko Head in Hawaii!
Last fall, I started with Betty Rocker's 30 day challenge.  I liked that it was free, it was only 15 minutes a day and it was just using my own body weight.  Easy peasy.  After that, I did her 90 day challenge.  It was still good, but I would recommend her 30 day challenge as the best place to get started.

Cute workout clothes help me stay motivated!
Once I wrapped that challenge up, I was looking for what to do next.  I knew that if I didn't find something that made me excited and motivated, then I would fall off the bandwagon.  I had been keeping up with Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up for a while at that point.  I liked how they are friends who work together and that their husbands are very involved, but I couldn't figure out their website and felt that it was a little confusing.  However, I just decided that I needed to figure it out and go for it!

Running the Cooper River Bridge Run in 2016!
Let me tell you why I have come to love these workouts.  Every week, Karena and Katrina update the blog and post the workouts for the next 7 days.  Then, each day, you can go to their website and see the Daily Workout.  Every day is under an hour.  Some are right at an hour and some are only about 20 minutes (love those days, haha).  Most are free, but a few times a week the option is not.  However, you can go to their YouTube channel and find a free option to do instead.  I like that because you don't have to pay for the workouts if you don't mind doing the free videos!  If you are looking for something to take the guesswork out and give you a daily routine, you should check out Tone It Up!

Do you have any online workouts that you love?  Share below and give me some fresh ideas!

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