Until last year, I had no idea that people actually planned out their blog posts months in advance and wrote them ahead of time.  Each time I publish a new post, it's when I have just finished writing it.  Since I am organized and pay attention to detail, I think it's always been assumed that I plan ahead.  However, I've recently come to believe that I actually fly by the seat of my pants more than people realize!  Many days I wake up and have no plans, but take things as they come.  Even when I travel, I usually don't know much else except where I'm going and where I'm staying.  I pretty much do the same with my blog!  So, in effort to have more of a plan, I've come up with a list of 31 blog topics that I think I would enjoy writing.  

1.  natural hair care
2.  capsule wardrobe: packing
3.  2017 goals
4.  my daily routine: morning and evening
5.  Friday favorites
6.  my tips for living simply

7.  this weeks menu
8.  what's in my purse
9.  a day in the life of me
10.  our kitchen renovation
11.  capsule wardrobe: why I'm taking a break
12.  my love/hate relationship with makeup
13.  Tuesday tips
14.  guest post
15.  how to keep a tidy home
16.  my wishlist
17.  blogging: a thing of the past?
18.  travel tips

19.  Winter Bucket List update
20.  mix it up monday
21.  can't live without
22.  my new fitness routine
23.  what's working Wednesday
24.  my grocery list
25.  our favorite movies and tv shows
26.  how to enjoy health, wealth and happiness 
27.  throw back Thursday
28.  my reading list
29.  Sunday funday
30.  naturally healthy nails
31.  my Spring Bucket List

I'd also love to hear your ideas!  What would you like to read about on my blog?

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