Did you know that Winter didn't officially start until December 21st?  I didn't!  I thought it began on December 1st.  Lesson learned.  Tuesday on the blog, you saw my Fall 2016 Bucket List wrapped up...now, it's time to move on and do my 1st Winter Bucket List!

My table is ready for winter...and yes, I'm standing on my table.

1.  enjoy the Christmas lights in town
2.  watch ELF just one more time (if Ironman will let us...he's sick of my obsession)
3.  ride in a horse drawn carriage
4.  make my own homemade hot chocolate (didn't get around to it)
5.  build a snowman (which means it has to snow enough...so no snowman this year)
6.  go ice skating (nope)
7.  build a gingerbread house
8.  watch my top Christmas movies
9.  make a pine cone wreath (still have the pine cones...)
10.  spend a weekend in Beaufort (we spent a day instead)
11.  bike the Swamp Rabbit Trail (fail)
12.  take a day trip to Camden (didn't get to this)
13.  write down my goals for 2017 before January 1st
14.  get a massage (I wish)
15.  go on a romantic Valentines date
16.  host a bonfire with friends
17.  go to the gym to enjoy the sauna...a lot
18.  go sledding for the 1st time (no such luck)

To see my lifetime Bucket List click HERE!

Now, tell me what's on your Winter Bucket List...I can always edit mine!

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